Children of the Baby Boom generation, these twenty-somethings are savvy and very well educated. They want more out of life than a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and two weeks of paid vacation per year. Many have heard success stories from peers who started businesses at a young age and discovered that education spreads far beyond the school system. With endless streams of information on the Internet, eager learners can gain a plethora of knowledge with a few clicks on the computer, continually developing their entrepreneurial minds.

Gen Y’s are fast thinkers and good communicators who like to have fun. They created a language that some find more difficult to comprehend than tongue twisters. The days of Igpay Atinlay (“Pig Latin”) are now replaced with abbreviated terms such as ROFL, LOL, TTYL and BTW. Simultaneous texting, online chatting and Internet searching seem natural for Gen Y’s as they multitask for maximum efficiency, doing it all from their cell phones while on the go.

If you’re shaking your head in bewilderment or scrunching your forehead in confusion, it’s time to open your mind and get with the program. The world of ubiquitous technology is essential to understand if you want to appeal to our generation. It is a way of life for us in this twenty-first century, and for those of you who are still afraid to embrace it, it’s worth the effort and perhaps a few headaches learning some new tricks, for we are the people you want on your teams.

Gen Y’s are great candidates for network marketing, they just may not know it yet. Used to mass e-mails, blogs, online communities and personal profiles, they are already building their networks and creating trust among their peers.

Gen Y is very aware of the myriad of business opportunities out there. In order to take action, they simply need to be introduced to what you have to offer and what the options are. While dedicated and hardworking, they thrive on having free time for learning, growing and socializing. Balancing of life and work is a fundamental need for this generation and they won’t settle for a less than meaningful career, where they can make a difference.

Generation Y doesn’t want to just keep up, they prefer to be ahead of the game. If there’s a question, an immediate answer is needed—otherwise it’s on to something else. This doesn’t mean that you are expected to master all technological advances; just become comfortable with a few of your favorites and find out what is important to the Gen Y’s you’re working with.

Recognize that each generation has its gifts and that we can learn from one another. As you begin to understand the world from the Gen Y perspective, you’ll quickly discover that this generation is a perfect match for network marketing and entrepreneurship.

JOURNEY HENKART is an internationally recognized speaker,
specializing in health, wellness and personal growth. At age fifteen she
Cool Communication, endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra
with a foreword by Dr. John Gray. Currently twenty-six, Journey helps
people improve their health and wealth internationally.
She was featured in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue.