Subscription Required!

Networking Times is one of the three non-company tools I recommend to everyone. The other two are Michael Clouse’s Future Choice and Tom Barrett’s book, Dare to Dream Work to Win. I actually require everyone I personally work with to have their own subscription to Networking Times. Wish I had known about this before! I’d seen single copies of the magazine, just never paid much attention to the possibility of subscribing. I’ve been recommending and requiring subscriptions for the last four years! Networking Times is one of the most valuable tools out there to build belief in our profession. Thanks for all you do!

— Katherine Lutz

Growing Starfish Organizations

Thank you so much for your quick reply in sending me the “Universal Bank Check” [from our March/April 2007 issue]. I read each issue of Networking Times front to back, and while at times I get behind in my reading, I look forward to each new issue. It’s like panning for gold, but better! There are lots of nuggets in each issue.

An example: I’ve just finished reading the May/June 2007 issue. A group of us who are crossline to each other have struggled attempting to develop an entity where we share ideas, meetings, etc. After reading the interview with Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom, it hit me that using the traditional business approach and structure was only creating more obstacles. One of the group described it as “trying to herd a bunch of cats!”

I’m bringing this issue to the next meeting to discuss the starfish concept. I believe the result will be harmonious and beneficial for the group, and that the starfish model will benefit each of our business organizations, especially when we add the trust factor to all our endeavors. We need to lead instead of manage.

— Seiji Yoshinobu