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Marshall Thurber
Lead Story:
Marshall Thurber

DC Cordova
NT Interview:
DC Cordova

Lynne TwistThe Heart of Business:
Lynne Twist

Mike DuvallMaster Networker:
Mike Duvall

Lynn HagebornMaster Networker:
Lynn Hageborn

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Finding Value on the Fringes
Marshall Thurber is a highly successful lawyer, real estate developer, businessman, educator, inventor and public speaker, who worked closely with the visionary/inventor Buckminster Fuller. Marshall has in turn influenced an entire generation of thinkers and institutions, from Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Spencer Johnson to Hewlett Packard, GTE and the U.S. Navy. Marshall has become the go-to expert on what he calls "network science" and how today's organizations work in our post-Internet world.

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An Ambassador of True Wealth
DC Cordova is the CEO of Excellerated Business Schools(R), which has offered their Business School for Entrepreneurs and the legendary program Money & You(R) for nearly thirty years. The Excellerated programs boast such graduates as Robert Kiyosaki, Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry's), Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Loral Langmeier and many illustrious others. She is a passionate advocate for humanity and travels around the globe spreading the principles of prosperity, educational transformation and social responsibility. Her life purpose is to uplift humanity's consciousness through business.

Dwelling in the House of Plenty
According to Lynne Twist, how much money you have or make is hardly a determining factor in your experience of true wealth. In 2003 Lynne founded the Soul of Money Institute, a center for exploring and sharing knowledge, wisdom and best practices that enable people to relate to money and our money culture with greater freedom, power and effectiveness. Lynne Twist was director of global funding for The Hunger Project. She loves what she calls "the sacred work of fundraising," because she delights in helping people put their money where their heart is.

A Worthy Profession
At twenty-seven, Mike Duvall bought an industrial equipment company, grew it substantially and later sold it, completing a successful business cycle. He had learned early on that being an employee wasn't for him, but neither was being an employer. Mike discovered what was missing when he connected with the networking profession, first as a corporate consultant to a start-up company. Then he was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: to be a founding representative of a company led by a close friend.

"Commit to Your Vision"
When Lynn Hagedorn from Blair, Nebraska looks to the future, she sees a time when it will be unusual to meet someone who is not involved in network marketing. This wouldn't be surprising, coming from someone who embraced network marketing when her own profession let her down, or someone who was so easily convinced that she signed up at the first presentation she attended. But Lynn had neither of those experiences. She almost had to be dragged into what was to become her life's work.

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