Masters of Sales is the third volume in the Entrepreneur’s Masters series, after New York Times bestselling Masters of Networking (2000) and Wall Street Journal bestselling Masters of Success (2004) by the same authors.

Seventy-three “masters” of sales—including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Martha Stewart, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Harvey Mackay, Dani Johnson, Wendy Weiss, Bob Burg, Keith Ferrazzi and Jay Conrad Levinson—give us a glimpse of their seller’s magic by sharing the personal experiences that took them from novices to successful professionals.

In the introduction, we learn that the art of selling is undergoing a fundamental shift. In the not so distant past, a profession in sales may have been at the bottom of our social acceptability scale, but this is rapidly changing. There is a growing awareness that without dynamic, forward-thinking salespeople, our world would not be the same.

The authors advocate a distinct way of selling that positions the seller as a member in the buyer’s problem-solving team. Consumers want to be guided by masterful salespeople who can help them solve problems and overcome the challenges they encounter. A masterful selling job occurs when a product or service precisely matches the client’s needs, interests or wants and an exchange is made.

Some topics covered:

• How to align your inner self with your outside personal image

• Selling goals vs. life goals (pssst … they are related!)

• Speak to be heard

• The buyer’s perspective

• Sales systems

• Virtual (online) salesperson

• Relationship selling

Quotes worth remembering:

“To the masters of sales, the risk of losing a deal is not a concern because they believe in the abundance of opportunities available to the high achievers.”

“Selling enables humans to give value to each other. Masterful sellers are proud of the critical roles they play as leaders in the distribution of products and services required by society.”

“People like to buy from leaders. These are people whose identity is well-defined and whose human characteristics easily draw us to them.”

“Abundant salespeople sense a distinctive inherent greatness as their birthright. They demonstrate self-confidence, but not as arrogance or in a manner that diminishes people. Customers feel built up and improved after interacting with them.”

“Masterful sellers favor team orientation over operating solo. They know that to be at the top of their game, they must work cooperatively with others in a marketplace that is forever changing through technological advances and increased competition.”

Pick up this book to grow your understanding of how customers today want to be treated and learn the powerful sales buttons that will propel your business to the next level.

Paperback, 295 pages, $19.95; Entrepreneur Press, 2007