Networking probably has more ups and downs than any other profession. A prosperous month, and life is good. A down month, and dissatisfaction reigns supreme. For most of us in sales, our success is tied directly to our production. It’s hard not to go through this as a professional networker.

Do you ever experience any of the following?

• Negativity

• Call reluctance

• Lack of motivation/action

• Good month / bad month syndrome

• Lack of ownership/professionalism in your business

• Lack of enthusiasm for your business

Many networkers let their production (the destination) dictate their work satisfaction, instead of letting their daily activities (the journey) provide them the purpose and fulfillment they seek. It’s a trap that causes inconsistent production, sporadic motivation and, in the end, burnout.

What’s the solution to creating a long-term, successful network marketing or sales career? Answer: live your bliss!

Your “bliss” is that activity or experience that makes you feel truly alive when you are doing it. Time slows down and you find genuine meaning and purpose in what you are doing. When you find your bliss and incorporate it into the practice of your business, you’ve discovered the secret to passion and high performance.

We all have our own personal bliss that excites and motivates us. When we are engaged in these activities, we find it easy to commit to the practice. Discipline and will power are not a struggle, because we love what we are doing.

Vocation Excellence

Are there people who live their bliss and excel in their business? Yes, they are called “professionals.” Professionals have developed a creative approach to their business. They enjoy top-of-mind awareness, are the highest-paid people in the world and exhibit a natural passion for their work.

When we encounter a person who is passionate about the part she plays in her work in spite of the challenges, we are witnessing vocation excellence. People who possess vocation excellence work every day in a purposeful, service-oriented manner with an ease about themselves, because they are not consumed by the “state of the profession” or the “state of the economy” or even the state of their production. This kind of enthusiasm is contagious, and in a market of similar pricing and products, enthusiasm often makes the difference. To experience a dramatic shift in your passion and performance, try these tips:

1. Use the 20/10/5 Rule

List twenty things you most love to do and gain enjoyment from: baking, golfing, smoking cigars, swimming, fantasy sports, coaching, public speaking, sailing, technology, running, lifting weights, bowling, pottery, event planning (you party animal!), skiing, gardening/harvesting, playing music, wine tasting, dancing, yoga—we can add to this list ad infinitum.

Choose the top ten that fit the following criteria:

This is where it helps to think outside the box and be open-minded in developing a creative approach. Here are just a few examples of activities top-producing specialists have incorporated into their work:

One person in direct sales loves to cook and bake, so she put her bliss to work: now she bakes treats of all kinds and delivers them to prospective clients in need of her company’s services. As an add-on bonus, she teaches her prospects some helpful hints on cooking and baking, free of charge.

Another person in network marketing loves to exercise, a self-proclaimed “gym rat,” she uses her joy of working out to share nutritional information and even train many of her prospects (and later, clients) a few times a month as a free add-on service to her core business product.

One guy has incorporated public speaking into his prospecting activities and found various forums where he can speak on behalf of his industry as well as his products and services. In a very short time, he built credibility and a large book of business because of his bliss.

Narrow the list to the top five that you most love to do, and start enjoying your work!

2. Declare Yourself a Professional

Using one or more of your top five, develop a creative brand message and deliver it effectively. For example: The Golf Lady who helps people lose weight, The Friendly Fisherman for your financial peace of mind.

3. Commit to the Musts of Your Business

Business requirements, such as attending conference calls, organizing meetings, completing paperwork on time, follow-up and keeping records, are examples of the “musts.” The professional networker is the one who complies with the requirements of his profession.

Prima donnas are everywhere. Don’t be one of them. Networking is one of the most time-flexible professions available; this is good news and a major attractor to this vocation. In a forty-hour week, it’s possible that your musts may require no more than five or ten hours of your time, leaving thirty hours or more to live your bliss.

Do what you love to do and be of service while doing it. Service to others will make you successful in any endeavor you choose. Go get creative and enjoy the daily journey.

STEVE McCANN is a speaker, trainer and consultant.
He is founder of McCann Research Corporation,
a company that helps individuals in the
areas of change, empowerment and sales motivation.