Just when you think you have it all figured out in terms of marketing your business, along come some new technologies that revolutionize your ability to promote your products and opportunity. And while most people have heard of these technologies by now, namely blogs and podcasts, few are taking full advantage of what these marketing mediums can offer their businesses.

As little as two years ago, blogs and podcasts were viewed as nothing more than places for opinionated people to rant and rave or assert their viewpoint. Today, the tide has changed; blogs and podcasts are the most explosive marketing vehicles to emerge since the Internet itself. Consider the facts: BusinessWeek reports that over 40,000 new blogs are popping up every day. In 2006, the number of podcast feeds exceeded the number of radio stations worldwide, says the CIA World Factbook.

What does all this mean for your business? It means you have a wealth of marketing opportunities that require little to no out-of-pocket expense. Use the following suggestions to make the most of your blogging and podcasting efforts.


“Blogs” (short for “web logs”) are easy to use and simple to set up, and they offer a great format for promoting your business. Think of a blog as a mini-website where you can post comments on a regular basis. Blogs are a powerful medium for delivering information, because when done correctly, the information on a blog comes across as more authentic and less biased than information in other media. Consider the following key points:


A podcast is essentially your own radio show on the web. It’s an extension of a blog, whereby you make your entry more personal because you’re actually speaking the words, not just typing them. Before you dismiss podcasts as something only kids listen to, take note: according to a comScore study, people between the ages of 35 and 54 make up about half of the podcast listeners. As such, podcasts are a great choice for networking businesses be-cause they can help boost your credibility and sales without having to invest much. Consider the following key points:

Blog and Podcast Your Way to Profits

When it comes to blogs and podcasts, the key to success is to give people relevant information so they keep reading or listening. Maintaining a blog or doing a regular podcast takes time and discipline, but when you consider the amount of credibility and exposure to new customers these technologies give you, it’s well worth it. In fact, no business can afford not to use these tools as a vital part of their online marketing mix.

PETER KOEPPEL is founder and president of Koeppel Direct
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of marketing and advertising experience, Koeppel has helped
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