Without clarity, it is difficult to create abundance. And yet clarity about many aspects of the business is exactly what many networkers avoid.

For example, over the past ten years in my coaching practice, I have encountered hundreds (probably thousands) of networking professionals who rarely track their actions or their results, especially financially. Only a handful ever create a monthly profit-and-loss statement for their businesses, let alone update it regularly.

Why is this? Some don’t have the clarity they need on their income and/or expenses to do so. Others say they simply don’t want to know. Part of this not wanting to know stems from the judgment they have about where they are in their business, such as that it’s bad or they shouldn’t be there. Others don’t know because they’ve fallen prey to the common scarcity belief that if you want financial abundance, all you have to do is make more money. But making more money without paying attention to how you’re using that money and how much you’re spending will actually result in financial scarcity—not abundance.

Know Your Score

Having clarity will always empower you, without exception. You may not always like what you see when you first start paying attention and getting clarity, but you will always come out stronger.

Consider the example of tracking and reviewing your income and expenses. Building your business without this sort of clarity could be compared to playing football without paying attention to the scoreboard.

Unless someone is keeping score and the quarterback is paying attention to that scoreboard, he won’t know that his team is behind by six points with only two minutes left in the game. Without this information, he might call a series of short yardage plays that eat up a lot of time on the clock and do not get him into the finish zone before the game ends. Not knowing the score of the game, he won’t be able to choose the plays that give him and his team the greatest opportunity for winning.

In order to empower yourself in your business, you must keep score and continue to pay attention to your score so that you can adjust your game plan accordingly.

Tracking your income and expenses is one way of keeping score in your business. So is generating a simple profit-and-loss statement each month. Without this kind of score-keeping, you may unknowingly and needlessly operate your business at a loss. Even if your commission check is getting bigger, that doesn’t automatically mean that you are winning the game financially.

Without the clarity that comes from paying attention to your financial scoreboard, you may keep doing the same thing you’ve always done in your business, thinking it will make you successful. You may not challenge yourself to discover new and better ways of operating your business, generating income, reducing expenses or any combination of the above that will support you to score a touchdown.

Track Your Actions

Gaining clarity will always support you on the road to abundance. This applies to more than just your financial results. Keep in mind that what you focus on is where your energy will go and what will show up in your life. In other words, what you pay attention to is what will continue to grow and expand.

Animal trainers understand this. I once learned from a dolphin trainer how they train dolphins to do all those amazing tricks on command. Quite simply, the trainers pay attention to the dolphin by rewarding it with a treat every time the dolphin performs a desired behavior. They completely ignore the times the dolphin does not obey a command or acts in an undesirable manner.

Instead of focusing on all the calls that you are not making or should be making—start tracking and celebrating the ones you are. Acknowledging and rewarding yourself for taking those positive actions will support you to continue to take them.

Develop Consistency

Tracking your actions and your progress is as important as keeping your financial score, especially in terms of developing the consistency necessary for creating abundance.

You can use clarity and tracking to support you to become more consistent in your actions and set a consistency goal for yourself. Start out small, so you don’t sabotage your progress by falling into the all-or-nothing pattern. If you’re currently making only two prospecting calls a week, set a goal of making three or four each week for ten consecutive weeks. Tally your three or four conversations each week and track how many weeks you can follow through without interruption. Challenge yourself to be consistent by starting over, in your quest for ten consecutive weeks, if you don’t have three or four conversations in a particular week. By tracking your progress and focusing on consistency, you will be able to see tangible results.

Success is all about clarity, being clear about where you’re at and where you want to go, then paying attention to the steps you are taking and the progress you are making along the way.

Without clarity, you’re doomed to scarcity. Clarity empowers you in ways you will not fully comprehend until you create and experience it yourself. Start practicing clarity today and see your results soar.

TERESA ROMAIN is the President and Founder of Access
Abundance!™ Services International, an organization dedicated to
helping people access greater levels of abundance, freedom and
fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband, Dan, near
the small town of Big Springs, Wisconsin.