Your perspective on the three F’s is everything. Which set of three would you pick: Fans, Fame and Fortune, or Faith, Family and Friends?

The truth is, you can have both sets—as long as you keep your life in balance. As long as you focus on the important. As long as you truly understand the difference between success and significance.

If you were to ask Donald Trump what is the meaning of success, he might say, “It is making a lot of money.” If you were to ask the same question of Ted Turner, he might say, “It is building a media empire.” Ask Hank Aaron what is success, and he’d say it’s beating Babe Ruth’s record. Ask Albert Einstein, and he’d have said it is unraveling the secrets of the universe. Then pose the question to Mother Theresa, and she’d have said, “Success is serving the poor and feeding the hungry in the back alleys of Calcutta.”

Success is hard to define. Likewise, wealth is difficult to define. What it really is depends on your view of life, your purpose for it and your commitment to a set of values. What good is it to win a ten-day, all-expenses-paid cruise to Tahiti if you hate water and are bothered by the motion of a boat? What is heavenly to one may be not so appealing to another.

Wealth, then, is a state of mind. And of heart. And of soul. It is living life in balance. When you are spiritually, mentally, physically, economically, emotionally and socially in balance, then you are a wealthy person. When you have someone to love, somewhere good to be and something important to do, then you are a wealthy person. When your view of the future is one filled with opportunity and promise, and your reflection of the past is one framed with joy and gratitude, then you are a wealthy person.

Of course, it is better to have money and ample resources to do what you want to do when you want to do it. But you can have all the money in the world and not feel wealthy. For me, having more money is better to the extent that I can do more good with it, like give scholarships, double-tithe my income and plant seeds of greatness in the lives of others.

What’s your perspective on the three F’s?

NIDO QUBEIN is one of the country’s most illustrious philanthropists
and businessmen. He is President of the National Speakers Association
and President of High Point University in High Point, NC.