When I started earning a six-figure income from my networking business, I felt guilty. I would hear, “Money can’t buy happiness,” or, “There’s a growing gap between the haves and have-nots.” I would defend myself with, “I am able to give so much more to charities than ever before,” or, “I give away thousands of dollars in free products to people who need them but can’t afford them.”

Then one day I had an epiphany. I was paying the cashier in a department store and it struck me: I was paying the cashier! I was paying the people who designed, manufactured and delivered the shoes I was buying. I was paying the owner of the store for making it convenient for me to shop. Everywhere I went, I noticed that I was abundantly able to pay people to do what they chose to do, just as I was being paid to do what I chose. I wasn’t putting my earnings under my mattress—I was keeping it in circulation.

As I contemplate true wealth, I realize that circulation is the key. Keeping the energy of money flowing by circulating it supports the community. Now I allow money to flow to and through me and I delight in enriching others’ lives.

But money isn’t all there is to true wealth. For me, relationships are at the heart of the matter, whether it’s with others, with myself or with my Creator. As with money, the flow of energy in relationships can be stopped short of fulfillment, or it can be allowed to flow to realize its greatest potential.

Recently I invited a new friend, Dan, to join my networking business. I was startled by his e-mail response: “I was so pleased that our relationship was developing, only to become disappointed and disillusioned that it was only a guise to further your financial empire… I place great value on my relationships and would rather be true to them than to become wealthy… I will leave this world knowing I still have my God, family and friends—all the wealth I need in the world.”

What Dan didn’t realize was that I only invite into my business those people with whom I want to develop deep, lifelong relationships. Rather than allowing this communication to stop our friendship, I kept it flowing. I had learned that true wealth has no bounds when love is allowed free reign. I responded to Dan by acknowledging his honesty and clarity. The next time we met face-to-face, he surprised me by initiating a conversation about taking “our” networking business to his home country of Mexico.

When the natural flow of energy is unrestricted by my fears or limiting beliefs and actions, I can freely share my abundance. It is in this sharing—of love and money—that I find true wealth.

MARIAN HEAD is on the faculty of Networking University,
is a network marketing leader, Contributing Editor to
Networking Times and author of Revolutionary Agreements:
Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy.