Today, the pursuit of wealth remains a driving ambition for many people, and it’s a big business. There are traveling seminars, online tutorials and training courses, all promising instant wealth. People around the world are paying top dollar to learn every imaginable secret to success.

Against this frantic backdrop, network marketing professionals remain focused on helping individuals build a business enterprise that is both sustaining and rewarding, the result of consistent, focused work.

Throughout my career, I have been privileged to help build solid business enterprises. In the pursuit of success, I have observed how some achieve their goals while others do not. Success is not given, but is earned through persistence, focus and diligence.

As we strive for success, life teaches us valuable lessons and when we learn these lessons we are able to contribute and help others reach greater successes. As we achieve wealth, we are able to help build individuals, communities and nations.

In the fifth year of phenomenal growth of a highly successful natural products company, I have been able to observe and learn from the great examples of the individuals that surround me. Working daily to change the lives of others in so many ways, they apply their wealth generously.

When founding our company, business partners Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood, Bryan Davis, Gary Hollister and I made a commitment to include charitable giving as part of our business model. Our beginning commitment was simple: to help those who were not in a position to help themselves. The simplicity of that commitment has resulted in hundreds of thousands of independent distributors standing by our side in this cause, and that number grows each day.

Since the day we first opened our doors, the founding partners, distributors and employees have understood the eternal principle that applies to all who use it: when you lift someone in need, you are somehow lifted in the process. Through several charitable initiatives, we have assisted children and families from Thailand to Mexico, from Africa to Canada and the United States and just about everywhere in between.

In what we have termed today as a goodness movement, our philanthropic culture has become infectious. Each founder, distributor, employee and business partner does his or her part in making the world a better place and strengthening the communities in which they live.

As a result of this movement, we have gained a wealth of compassion, wisdom, knowledge and faith. We have learned that any amount of wealth shared with those in need is matched and exceeded by a greater amount of gratitude, joy and understanding.

As we all forge a path of financial freedom, we also remember the invaluable lessons presented during the journey. We hope to find equal wealth in the relationships we have developed, the smiles we have sparked, the awareness we have heightened and the improvements we have encouraged.

AARON GARRITY is president and CEO of one of the
fastest-growing direct selling companies in the world.