This letter is a testimonial we received from a Networking University student in answer to the question: “How are you using Networking University in building your business?”

Dear Glenn,

Simply put, Networking University jump-starts my attitude, my commitment and my resolve to get to the top.

I am a Webinar regular. When I first enrolled, I believed that not all topics were relevant to me but I am grateful I decided to attend every session. Each week, I hear at least one thought that provides fresh perspective. These ideas are gems that hold the potential of earning me hundreds, thousands, yes, maybe millions of dollars.

For example, I initially saw no benefit in a Webinar which consisted of listening to live telephone prospecting by someone who wasn’t using our team’s system. Was I wrong! I cannot remember Todd Falcone’s exact words, but he made one brief comment that changed my mindset about rejection. In that instant I internalized the idea that moment-to-moment results don’t matter. Now, I no longer get emotionally involved in interim numbers—a tweak in my attitude that has dramatically improved my effectiveness.

While the single most valuable idea came from that prospecting seminar, my favorite lessons were the Webinar and e-learning sessions on mental toughness and on focus. I used these sessions as starting points that helped me develop areas of weakness; mental toughness and focus are now becoming strengths of mine.

This brings me to one of my favorite aspects of Networking University: the courses available via e-learning and e-listening. I can revisit favorite Webinars anytime for a refresher course. It’s like having access to CDs and audiocassettes, without the storage issues. What a great service!

Speaking of service, I can’t close without first raving about Geoff and Josephine, who complete the whole Networking Times/Networking University experience. They consistently treat me like a welcome guest rather than like a “customer” with a “problem.” To paraphrase Laura Kall, they are so good that you must be paying them a fortune!

My Networking University tuition is clearly one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. I’m glad I am a networker!

Remember: education changes everything!

See you in class!

Pam Smyth

Student, Networking University

How are you using Networking University’s courses and online resources in your business? How is it working for you? Please drop us a line.