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Squeezing Every Inch

When I was first introduced to your magazine, I assumed I would enjoy a few articles here and there, never dreaming I would devour it cover to cover! The articles are easy to read and filled with concise “how to” information that I was able to apply to my business immediately. Even as I look over an old issue and think I’ve squeezed every inch of information from it, I find something new that stands out for me.

Thank you, Networking Times! Keep up the incredible work.

— Cindy Potthoff

In Business with Friends

I absolutely love this article [“In Business with Friends—Renata Lee: Helping Others Fulfill Their Destiny,” July/August 2007 issue]. I am currently in network marketing and I am finding success with a phenomenal company for the first time in my life!

I find this article very helpful to those who are struggling with building their networks. Too often people come into this profession thinking they are going to “get rich quick” without doing much work. I like to say, networking is simple, but it is not easy.

I am going to give this article to those looking for new people, to help them see how they can find those with whom they want to be in business.

— Ann Marie Oriola

Being the Beacon

I am an Executive National Vice President with my network marketing company. I began my life in a trailer with a bucket for a bathroom, no phone for a short time and our family was put up at a firehouse for government food. I became a missionary for a short period in my life and then transitioned to a money-making industry.

I’ve had my fair share of no’s. We tell our team, “The only difference between you and someone in the position where you want to be is that they have had more no’s than you have. When you are willing to do what they have done, you will get what they have gotten.”

I love your article [“The Close: Better Than Short Cuts,” July/August 2007 issue]. It made me smile and even brought a tear to my eye, as if someone above you was speaking through you, telling me, “You are a leader.” No matter where we are in our companies, we always have things that make us doubt—but it is what we do with those doubts that matters. My children live an exceptional life and my husband was able to retire at the age of thirty. Thank you for your belief in this amazing industry.

— Jennifer Harbour

Wee-Hour Webinars

Although your online seminars are fantastic, unfortunately they are on in the middle of the night for us European souls. It would be great if it could be possible to have seminars in GMT.

— Mark Mulholland,
United Kingdom

Networking University is currently expanding its Webinar schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays and we are considering some different times of the day to accommodate international participants. Please check the schedule in our upcoming e-mails. We look forward to welcoming you at a more convenient time in the near future.

— Kirk Farber,
Dean of Faculty