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Traci Fenton
Lead Story:
Traci Fenton

Brad Sugars
NT Interview:
Brad Sugars

The Heart of Business:
Chuck and Claudia Branham

Renata Lee
Master Networker:
Renata Lee

Allison Baek
Master Networker:
Allison Baek

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The World's Most Democratic Workplaces
Traci Fenton is the founder of WorldBlu, an organization that publishes the annual WorldBlu List of the Most Democratic Workplaces. She started with a simple idea-"What would democracy look like as applied to business?"-and has carved from it a global movement. Her purpose in life is to help people reach their full potential, and she believes that democracy is fundamentally about creating an environment in which people can be free to excel and express their full selves.

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Keeping It Practical
As a child, Brad Sugars sold off his Christmas presents and rented out his toys to his friends and siblings. Today, he runs one of the fastest-growing franchises on the planet, with more than a thousand offices in twenty-four countries. He is author of a dozen briskly selling books, including Instant Cashflow, The Business Coach and Billionaire in Training. And he is a strong believer in—and frequent coach and speaker for—the network marketing model. He believes inspirational leadership is key to building a winning team.

Blessed by Network Marketing
Since their marriage in 1973, Claudia and Chuck Branham have dreamt of making millions and giving millions away. Before they met, Claudia volunteered for the Tacoma Rescue Mission while she was a financially strapped young widow with six children. Now, with the additional time and income from their networking business, Claudia and Chuck enjoy giving to forty different organizations and ministries.

In Business with Friends
A networking veteran with almost twenty years of experience, Renata Lee joined her current company five years ago. Today, from her home in Fountain Valley, California, she sits atop a multimillion-dollar network, over 100,000 people strong and with a sales volume of $1.9 million a week. Along the way, she has been selective in whom she recruits into the business and works only with people she genuinely enjoys.

On Top at Twenty-Seven
For the second year in a row, Allison Baek earned the highest honors from her thirteen-year-old network marketing company: the New Business Development Award. It’s hard to imagine that this same woman lost tens of thousands of dollars in failed attempts and yo-yoed from the bottom to the top of her company and back several times. At age twenty-seven, she celebrates her dreams and brightens the lives of millions.

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