Welcome Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
Atop the 2,343-foot Mount Corcovado with network marketing leaders!
Art Jonak in the middle of a midnight keep-your-clothes-on network marketing pool party!
Outdoor cooking lessons from one of the world’s Greatest Chefs!
Art Jonak and José Carlos serve Brazilian cheese and meats to customers prior to Carnival.
The 125-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer.
Copacabana beach during the day, dinner at Copacabana Palace Hotel at night.



The 125-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer with outstretched arms overlooking Rio de Janeiro from atop Mount Corcovado took five years and millions of dollars to build. The statue was built in France starting in 1926 and shipped in pieces to Brazil. A railway carried it up the 2,343-foot mountain for the 1931 inauguration.

The engineers began with the end in mind. They knew what the end result would be long before they broke ground on this spectacular historical landmark. The same is true in network marketing. As I expand my business globally to great places like Rio, I always begin with the end in mind.

If what you are doing on your first level is not something that can be done by someone:

• ten to fifteen levels below you;

• you don’t know;

• who lives 2,000 miles away from you;

• who is a dud about ready to approach a stud,

…then you most likely will never build any depth in your organization.

The Four Questions

You and your five team members grow to ten team members, then back down to your five—constantly bouncing back and forth. But you’re never getting any depth.

The goal is to have your team grow a minimum of two to five levels down each leg of your organization per month! If someone’s check is flat, that tells me they’ve made their business too personality-driven and not sufficiently system-driven.

Do you want duplication on your team? Massive duplication? In order for consistent and massive duplication to occur on your team, examine and implement these four criteria:

1. Can it be done in depth? Always ask, “Can this be done ten to fifteen levels below me?”

2. Can it be done by somebody you don’t even know? Realize that the vast majority of people on your team you won’t even know.

3. Can it be done thousands of miles away from you? It has to work even at those distances. Because if you take advantage of the system you have in place, eventually the majority of your organization will not be in your backyard.

4. Can it be done by someone who’s never really been successful, who is getting ready to approach someone with a lot of success?

Create a presentation format so simple and duplicable that when somebody is listening or being approached about the business, the person will always think:

1) You know what? I can do what you’re doing.

2) I won’t have a problem doing what you’re doing with people I know.

3) I have the time to do what you’re doing.

The problem I see with most approaches is that the person who is listening is thinking: “You’ve got a great company. I agree with everything you’re doing. Great, great, great. But you know what?

“I can’t do what you just did.

“Nor do I want to do what you just did to any of my friends or associates.

“And I don’t have the time to do what you just did.”

In essence, you won the battle but you lost the war and immediately the duplication has stopped.

The last time you sponsored somebody, did you keep the end in mind from the moment you contacted them? Did you address the Big Four of Duplication? If not, will you do so with your next prospect?

Until next issue, see you around the world!

ART JONAK is a Networking University faculty
member, a successful network marketing leader and
widely respected trainer.