Can you build a team with people anywhere in the world? The answer is an emphatic yes! The proof is our team.

Three years ago our small four-person mastermind group intentionally focused on building the ideal team—and system—that would eliminate the most common complaints we hear among network marketers. We decided that we would host no meetings in our home, no hotel meetings, we would not draw circles on restaurant napkins and would not make new recruits call their warm markets until they were ready to.

Today, we work exclusively from home using the phone and the Internet. This was and is our intention, and we know it works. At our company’s most recent national convention, our team was recognized as creating the most leaders, capturing the most bonus dollars and having the largest group present at the convention.

We accomplished this first and foremost by being crystal clear about our vision and mission. Every member of the team knows we’re building a “Global Community of Extraordinary Individuals Dedicated to Loving, Learning and Connecting with Grace and Abundance.”

We lead by example, with all our heart, strength and integrity, and with a certainty that Together Everyone Achieves More. We’ve built a culture around serving others first and prospering emotionally, spiritually and financially as a result.

We will continue to attract those who want to be, do and have this way of life. We accept that this is not for everybody. We recognize that some people prefer to do in-home meetings, some get excited about cold calling and still others thrive on being in front of a hotel room.

We also know there are many other companies out there that have built organizations around a great product or service. We say “Go for it!” We applaud them, bless them and encourage them because we believe there are more than enough people, products and services to go around the world many times over.

How are we able to conduct business while not being in the same physical location? It all comes down to the quality of the communication. When using the phone we focus on the tonality of our voice and the words we use. Rapport happens in an instant; if you have to work at it, then you simply don’t have it.

In order for this approach to be successful, we coach our team to use visualizations and affirmations to raise their energy and emotions to such a level that the person at the other end of the phone can literally feel our passion, enthusiasm and sincerity.

Before new people on our team pick up the phone, they know exactly who it is they’re looking for and—more importantly—why. Like the famous AT&T commercial, our motto is, “Reach out and touch someone” no matter where they might live, even the North Pole.

JULIE TOTH resides in Houston, Texas and works from home with her husband Bill.