Network marketing is one of the most intriguing business models I know, because the sales process is completely aligned with human nature. The success of our economy is based upon the power of communication, either through personal communication or mass media. There is nothing that can make or break a product or business faster than word of mouth—the very essence of network marketing. Think about all the great products on the market today. When you examine each one closely, you’ll find you can track their success back ultimately to some form of word of mouth promotion.

Today, new forms of communication technology (mobile devices, ubiquity of Internet connections, online social networks) have taken the concept of word of mouth promotion to a whole new level. As a result of this evolution in communication technology, sales organizations that used to be limited to a single geographic region are now able to expand across states and continents in a matter of minutes. What a marvelous challenge for network marketing leaders—to see their organizations expanding twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in nearly every country in the world, thus presenting massive opportunities for wealth creation across the globe.

The key to success is learning how to use technology to effectively train and manage an exponentially growing global business. Regardless of your level of technological prowess, the ability to accomplish this is absolutely within your reach through the simplest of communications channels. The Internet and email communication have become more commonplace than letter writing; the telephone is no longer an exclusively one-on-one experience, but a one-to-infinite experience through the power of conference bridge communications, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and video conferencing. There is no limit to what one can do to stay in touch with a growing sales network—and the array of possibilities just keeps on widening.

From where I stand as president of a large corporation, I see a global business climate that itself is rapidly becoming more like network marketing than ever before, taking advantage of its core principle of word of mouth promotion and relationship marketing to build success.

The genie of unlimited possibilities is out and will never be put back into the bottle. Our challenge and our opportunity is to keep abreast of the high technology offerings while maintaining the high touch principle of successful network marketing.

Since 2006, SCOTT SCHWERDT is President of the Americas
and Europe for a large network marketing corporation.
Prior to this appointment, he served as President of
North America and Vice President of North America/
South Pacific Operations for the same company.