“Vision without action is a dream soon forgotten.” —Master Ngo Dong, founder of Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts

I have recently come on board with Gabriel Media Group, Inc. My background includes over twenty-five years of training in e-learning and computer programming as well as in the martial arts environment—which allows me to bring a unique blend of disciplines to my work with Networking University.

As Dean of Faculty, I will be working with Glenn Head (Dean) and Josephine Gross, Ph.D. (Associate Dean) to serve our current faculty, introduce new faculty members and add new course offerings* to our curriculum in the months to come.

What attracted me to this exciting position were two principles that I highly respect within my own training and development, and that are prevalent in thevision and mission of Networking University: commitment and education.

Commitment implies dedication to achieving goals. In the networking space, this naturally includes helping others reach their goals. With discipline and focused action, we overcome our limitations. Networking University makes a commitment to you: to make adifference in your life so that you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Education is what allows an ordinary person to accomplish extraordinary results. Unlike specific training, education is a process that never ends. It is continuously powered by new knowledge and deeper understanding. Networking University provides that continuous flow of information and inspiration by sharing the expertise of exceptional faculty members who have proven themselves masters in their fields.

Our resources address different learning styles and come in many formats, such as online training articles, live Webinars, e-learning and e-listening modules, live events and, of course, Networking Times.

As a sign of my commitment to you, I have the honor of introducing a new benefit for all Networking University members: From this point on, we are offering all our registered students an online subscription to Networking Times! Why? Because we believe no budding professional networker should be without this powerful tool.

Remember: education changes everything!

See you in class!

Kirk L. Farber
Dean of Faculty, Networking University

*Are there any new topics you would like to see covered in our course list? Please drop me a line, I appreciate hearing from you!