Dear Andrea and Journey,

Springtime is a busy time of year. Holidays like Cinço de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Graduation Day abound. Balancing events and celebrating success in my private life and with my networking family seems to be a talent I am not sure I have. Any suggestions?

— Loretta Meconi

Imagine being at a football game, the score is tied. Your favorite team scores the winning point and suddenly there is a hush in the stadium. Everyone in the stands falls silent. Can you imagine this scene occurring like this, without celebration, applause and fanfare?

Sports teams celebrate the smallest goals, even if they don’t have the highest score, yet we often ignore small goals and successes at work and at home. Family members and team players are constantly making large and small victories, yet we often let them go unnoticed.

Holidays are a great time for acknowledgment and fun, but as a mother-daughter team who always look out for things to celebrate, we recommend that you keep your eyes open for success at all times.

The Power of Recognition

From a business perspective, leaders can teach other team members to celebrate by setting the example. When someone on your team achieves a new rank, enrolls a new member or learns a new skill, make sure to celebrate that as soon as possible. Post it on your web site, blast a congratulatory email message, write about it in your newsletter or have a monthly team party or gathering.

During one successful month in our business, we took our top-performing lady leaders out for lunch. Everyone got dressed up and met at an upscale restaurant. They loved it!

While we were on a speaking tour in Texas, we saw one network marketing group give out beautiful trophies for “Perseverance” and “Determination” to celebrate the business-building process—not just the results. In Las Vegas, another company presented their annual award to a team member for “Transitioning to a Powerful Business Builder.”

By embracing achievements and giving recognition to those who are important to us, we can serve as role models and mentors. As we set the example, we open the door for others to do the same. In both our business and our family, we have learned the importance of praising our team members whenever possible. Their success is our success. Below are just a few ways we show gratitude to our team.

1. Send Thank You Notes
We often send quick emails to family members and to leaders in our organization, expressing our appreciation for them. A hand-written note shows you have taken that extra moment to show your gratitude.

2. Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries
Celebrate whenever you can. Send birthday cards to business partners, and don’t forget friends and family who are not in your business. Do something special on the anniversary of important milestones, such as the day you started your business.

3. Acknowledge Success
Everyone wants to be appreciated for who they are and what they do. Recognition for a job well done is crucial to self-esteem. Verbally express gratitude daily to those who make a difference in your life.

4. Have Fun Together
Network marketing is built upon enthusiasm and passion. Your family requires the same recipe for success. Treat everyone with respect and make them feel special in as many creative ways as you can.

Positive Attention

In our professional experience of working with businesses and corporations internationally, we have encouraged businesswomen and -men to create this same celebratory energy at home.

Children often feel that their parents notice their actions only when they do something wrong. This can drive kids to look for negative attention out of the feeling that this is better than no attention at all.

Thousands of teens have told us that when they do their chores, it goes unnoticed—but if they come home after curfew, they get more attention than they want. Find a solution that works for you in your home so that everyone is appreciated and acknowledged for doing the best they can.

Celebrate big and small successes with your kids by doing things together as a family: go for a long walk and be a good listener; invite your children’s friends over for a pizza party or take them shopping. You can never spoil a child with too much love or a business partner with too much appreciation.

Whether focusing on your family or your team, positive reinforcement encourages more of the same behavior.

Lead from the heart at home and at work. Let people know you appreciate them for being in your life. This can create a ripple effect that spreads far and wide, increasing the self-esteem of those around you, and in the process, inspiring them to appreciate you more fully. Be creative and come up with a myriad of ways to say, “I couldn’t do it without you!” This is truly duplication at its finest.

are active and successful networking professionals who also
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Cool Communication:
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