The Secret on Oprah

I just wanted to share my feelings, thoughts and elated spirit with you. For many years I have felt deep inside that if you truly put your mind towards something you can obtain it—no matter what it is. However, through all the negativity of the people surrounding me, I could never focus on this energy and perfect it. Instead I doubted it and myself.

When I saw The Secret episode on the Oprah show I was absolutely stunned: here was a group of people talking about something I had felt within myself for many years. Finally, this secret can be shared with the world!

The only unfortunate thing is that there are so many people still walking around with their eyes open but their minds sealed shut, so they miss the magnificence of this amazing truth. The Bible states that if we ask God for our deepest wants and desires, every wish and prayer will be answered—as long as we have faith and believe.

I am currently perfecting this process and will be keeping you up to date on my progress. Thank you so much and I look forward to sharing with you all of the magnificent things I am about to bring into my life through the power of The Secret.

— Alfonso Maldonado

…and in Networking Times

I have been a subscriber to Networking Times for two years and I have a copy of The Secret DVD. I believe the March/April 2007 issue of Networking Times is an absolute home run. It has been stretching my mind way beyond what the DVD did, and I’m under the impression that even if someone hasn’t seen the DVD they will still get a lot out of this. Well done, folks!

— William Gregor

Watched Pots Never Boil—Not Even in the Lab

Has any experimental research been done on the watched pots that never boil? [“What’s Luck Got to Do with It?” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, March/April 2007]

— Loretta Meconi

Absolutely! The pots were beryllium atoms, the heat was radio waves and the observations were made with a laser. In 1989, physicist Wayne Itano and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado actually observed the “quantum watched pot” and, indeed, it never boiled!

Their experiment involved watching some 5,000 beryllium atoms confined in a magnetic field and then exposed to radio waves of energy. The atoms were the equivalent of the pots of water and the radio waves the equivalent of the heat applied to the pots. Under such circumstances the atoms will “evolve” into excited atomic energy states as they absorb the radio energy. Nearly all 5,000 will reach their excited-state goals (boiling) in a little over 250 milliseconds (ms)—a quarter of a second.

To do the “watched pots” experiment, the physicists would observe the atoms after 250 ms by shining a short pulse of laser light into their midst. Excited atoms do not absorb and immediately reemit the laser energy. Atoms that remain in the unexcited state do. By observing the scattered laser light after it passed through the trapped atoms, the physicists were able to determine just how many atoms remained unexcited.

Virtually none were after 250 ms. We could refer to this as the unwatched pot that naturally evolved to the boiling state in a quarter of a second. But then the scientists became slightly vigilant. They decided to look at the atoms halfway along—after 125 ms had passed. So an eighth of a second after starting the experiment the laser pulse was turned on and then, at the 250 ms mark the scientist looked again and found that only one-half of the atoms were excited.

They repeated the experiment by looking in at 62.5 ms, 125 ms, 187.5 ms, and 250 ms; in other words, they divided the one-quarter second interval into four equal parts. They were surprised to find that their enhanced vigilance resulted in only one-third of the atoms making it to the excited energy state by the end of the complete period of 250 ms.

Next they redoubled their vigilance by looking in 16 times, 32 times and finally 64 times during the 250 ms interval. In the final experiment, where they watched their tiny atomic “pots” in 64 equally spaced tiny time intervals, virtually none of the atoms were ever found in an excited state, even though 250 ms had passed. They all remained frozen in their ground or original states, just as they were when the experiment began. In each experiment, the “heat” was on—the radio waves were continuously sent into the magnetically trapped beryllium atoms—but when observed, the “pots” never boiled.

— Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

Answering the Call

I started a network marketing business in the fall of 2005, but I just couldn’t seem to get it going and had the feeling that I needed to work on me more than on the business. I was led to a bookstore one night when I was feeling very down and inadequate.

There on the shelf was a copy of Networking Times tucked behind several other magazines. It wasn’t cheap compared to the other magazines, but it drew me to purchase it. I have since discovered a whole new world out there that has been directing me onward. Now, I feel that I can restart the business with an open, enlightened mind. I have found a gold mine of positive direction with the purchase of a magazine that I might have missed, except it “called” to me.

— Dee Garza

Check from the Universe

I love the check from the Bank of the Universe on p. 37 of the March/April 2007 issue but I don’t want to cut up my copy of the journal.

Would it be possible to make this check available as a download—a PDF file perhaps—so I can print checks for myself? That way I could take Rhonda’s suggestion of writing a check in an amount I can believe now—and increasing it later.

Thanks so much for this issue. I really love “The Secret.” I got so passionate about the DVD, recommending it to everyone last fall that I manifested a second copy when it became available as a bonus gift with a subscription—just as it was time for me to renew. I may renew early to get a second copy of The Secret book. I love having a keeper and a loaner.

— Margaret Dexter

Ask and it is given! You can download the check at:

— JG