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Rhonda Byrne
Lead Story:
Rhonda Byrne

Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor

Michael Beckwith
Michael Beckwith

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The Woman behind The Secret
Rhonda Byrne, producer of The Secret, has become the epicenter of a global media / personal development phenomenon. It all started when her daughter handed her a little book called The Science of Getting Rich. Her story and the film that grew out of it have become one of the most popular “enlightainment” DVDs of all time [with spin-offs including a book, a soundtrack CD and a sequel to the movie on the way].

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Discovering God’s Modus Operandi
Today, most people know Bob Proctor as the prosperity guru in The Secret, but they know little more about this fascinating gentleman with the white hair and where he came from. For the past forty years, he has helped people realize lives of success and personal fulfillment. Author of the best-seller You Were Born Rich, Bob is the direct heir to the Andrew Carnegie – Napoleon Hill – Earl Nightingale tradition.

Celebrating Our Oneness
Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape Spiritual Center, shares his vision of enlightened business based on an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. He offers a template for a life of wholeness that will help people become anchor points for the next stage of human evolution. Thrilled with the success of The Secret, he promises if people practice the universal principles, the joy, creative opportunities and abundance in their lives be amplified in unexpected ways.

Stretch Your Wings and Fly
Dana Collins discovered long ago that the constraints that come with careers in traditional business bound her too tightly to thrive. After making her mark within corporate America, she learned to soar only when she broke free of her bonds and joined the networking space. As soon as she learned to build people, not volume, she was able to assemble a team of committed leaders and grow with them along the way.

Consistency Pays
Jordan Adler delights in building teams with anyone who wants to play. When asked about his success, he makes no secret of how he got to the top of his company: introduce the business to one person every day. If you work your plan with patience, commitment and consistency, you will attract the people who will help you make it to the top. Jordan is happy to report he gives away more each year to charity today than he used to make at his last corporate job.

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