We each create our vision quite early in life, when we observe others and choose who we want to be. However, for most people, their vision remains hidden inside. Over time, they’ve smothered it with protective layers of beliefs and limitations they adopted to shield themselves from the rough and tumble of their past experiences. In doing so, they have cut themselves off from receiving what life has to offer—and more importantly, from seeing what they have to offer life.

Often these self-limiting beliefs are a distillation of the opinions and beliefs that surround us. They may come from our peers (“If you don’t join us, you’re odd”), our parents (“Follow your dream, but play it safe and get a career first”), our institutions (“We encourage creativity here but do it our way or else”), our governments (“Trust us, we know”) and so on.

Even though we may have gone through life in a direction quite different from that of our vision, the good news is, our vision is still there! All we need is a little help finding it and rekindling the flame. Living our vision boils down to living a life of purpose and staying on purpose so every day of our lives becomes an answer to the ultimate existential question, “Why I am here?”

One of the remarkable things about being a networker is that you can actually help people reconnect with their vision so that they can see, taste, hear and feel it once again. Networkers talk about helping their downline find out their Why. Your Why might be about making money, creating time freedom or having the opportunity to stay at home and watch the kids grow up. All these things are part of a personal vision, and the best time to help prospects uncover theirs is before they join you, not after.

If you want to grow your business steadily and solidly, approach potential partners and customers with a focus on helping them find out their life purpose and personal vision. Create a dialogue about what people want and why they want it. If you give them time and space to peel back their protective layers and allow them to see and feel their real vision afresh, this will internally stir and motivate them to explore the ways of how to go about creating it.

In so doing, you will also automatically create value in yourself and what you represent; you will be seen as a person who understands. When you help others re-create their vision, you both gain. They get back on track with their vision and you continue moving toward yours as they look to you for help.

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