We can create vision statements on several levels. We can imagine what we choose for the world and what we choose for our business, our relationships and every aspect of our life. Good vision statements evoke emotion and excitement. They inspire us to take action and to stay focused.

Here’s a famous example: President John F. Kennedy’s vision was big and bold. “We will put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.” His vision galvanized the nation. Scientists began work on what heretofore had been impossible. Goals were set. Action was taken. What was focused upon was created. On July 20, 1969, we held our collective breath as Neil Armstrong took his now-famous first step on the moon.

How could it be that out of that one statement, with commitment and perseverance, mankind entered a whole new realm of possibilities? How can we help others create their own inspiring personal visions with similar possibilities for greatness and lifelong satisfaction? How can we help them tap into their own imaginations to create roadmaps for their future?

One of the best ways to get in touch with your vision is to start from completion. If you are supporting others to create their vision, have them close their eyes and visualize the way their lives and work would be if they were exactly the way they wanted them to be.

When you do this, record the people’s responses for them. You can help them to create their visions in more detail by asking additional specific questions.

Here are some suggestions.


“It’s five years from today and you have created your most desirable business (relationship, family, financial well-being, physical and spiritual well-being, etc.). Describe it as if you are feeling it right now.

“How has your business changed over these past five years?

“What steps have you taken to create this new success?

“What have you done to support your team members for their success?

“What are you doing on a regular basis to sustain and increase your success?

“You’re now at your ninetieth birthday party; what are your friends and colleagues saying about you? What has been your legacy? What have you enjoyed the most about your life? Where have you excelled, and what has brought you your greatest satisfaction?”

Your vision puts you in alignment with that which you are and who you are. It supports you in expressing your values. Reflect daily on your vision and give yourself checkpoints along the way. Are any course corrections in order? Ask yourself, “What can I do to bring my vision closer to reality?”

Values, then vision, goals and committed action—you’re on your way to creating the life you choose.

MARION CULHANE has been an active networker for
twelve years. She has reached the highest leadership level
within her company and served on her company’s
Founding Associate Advisory Council. She is a prior
Board Member of Gabriel Media Group, Inc