Spring has arrived—a time of renewal and growth.

Successful networkers are known for their unwavering intention and attention to growth and development, both personally and professionally. Have you established your personal and professional vision for the spring we’re now entering? What new growth are you creating?

This issue of Networking Times is packed with articles to assist you in envisioning the future you desire. In addition to interviews with Rhonda Byrne and Bob Proctor, you will find articles by twelve teachers of The Secret who share different ways in which you can apply the principles of The Secret in your life. Applying The Secret will surely boost your success in achieving your vision. It’s a timely yet timeless tool for attracting what you want in your life. When you focus your thoughts on your vision, you create your personal adventure towards joy and fulfillment.

Our current circumstances are the result of our past visions. Are you satisfied with yours? If yes, then celebrate! If your current situation is not all you want, consider creating a new compelling vision.

Go for it! Be outrageous! What kind of life do you want to have every day? What contributions do you want to make to your family? To your local community? To the networking profession? To the world at large?

The Networking University faculty is here to support you in your chosen career as a professional networker. Over 200 training articles and 120 online e-learning courses are available to assist you in your growth. Networking University students have unlimited access to these courses, while other Networking Times community members can access them for a nominal fee. The Secret is to not only know of these resources but to take full advantage of them for educating yourself and your team.

Only you know if your vision is worthy of you. We’re here to help.

Remember: education changes everything!

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University