Six years ago, when we formed Gabriel Media Group, Inc., I asked Bob Proctor if he would consider becoming the publisher of Networking Times, a new journal dedicated to educating networking professionals and Moving the Heart of Business®.

We shared with Bob our company vision of Global Prosperity Through a Philanthropic Economy®. We had majored in business and minored in metaphysics. We understood the power of “both/and” rather than “either/or” and wanted to attract someone who majored in metaphysics and minored in business. With the marvelous elegance of the Law of Attraction in action, Bob agreed with a few conditions: 1) he would not be paid; 2) we would “hold that thought” (our vision) until it emerged.

While Bob’s generous first condition couldn’t be easier for a start-up, the second condition proved a bit more elusive. Fortunately, Bob provided me with a bountiful reading list overflowing with significant insights into the process. He introduced me to the wisdom of the ages at their sources. In the delightful process of discovery, I learned of many commonly used terms and ideas that through the ages, much like the child’s game of relaying a message ear to ear, ended up very different from their original meaning.

For example, consider “will power.” In 2007, Webster’s defines will power as “energetic determination.” My grandfather’s 1923 Webster’s Dictionary calls will power “the power of choosing; also, the power of choosing and of acting in accordance with the choice.”

In 1904, Thomas Troward wrote, “The business of the will is to retain the various faculties of our mind in that position where they are really doing the work we wish, and this position may be generalized into the three following attitudes: either we wish to act upon something, or be acted on by it, or to maintain a neutral position.”

According to Troward, we choose to be consciously active, consciously passive or consciously neutral and the function of the will becomes simply to maintain that chosen position. He goes on to say, “… if we maintain any given mental attitude we may reckon with all certainty on the law of attraction drawing us to those correspondences which exteriorly symbolize the attitude in question… The will power, when transferred from the region of the lower mentality to the spiritual plan, becomes simply a calm and peaceful determination to retain a certain mental attitude in spite of all temptations to the contrary, knowing that by doing so, the desired result will certainly appear.”

Recently, I shared our current goal of having more than 100,000 subscribers to Networking Times with Bob, who simply echoed his earlier refrain: “Hold that thought.” We encourage each of you to practice that same exercise as you imagine and then hold your own self-inspired vision. It is a sure-fire recipe for personal success.

CHRIS GROSS is a Cofounder of Networking Times.