You’ve Run Out of People?
To keep this thought from ever entering your mind again, create a positive affirmation about the kind and number of prospects you want to attract; then recognize the opportunities and take action.

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Contemplations on the power of relationships.

A panel of four guest commentators answer the question, “I’ve run out of people to talk to…now what?”

Emotional Resilience
Pat Pearson
Your primary responsibility as a leader is to help people focus their emotions in a positive direction. People who don’t feel well, aren’t productive. Leaders need to understand and identify the predictable and recurrent cycles of positive and negative feelings everyone goes through. The more emotionally resilient you are, the longer you can stay in the positive feelings and the quicker you can let go of the negative ones.

Not All Leads Are Created Equal
Art Jonak
When deciding which leads to use, don’t simply consider the cost per lead. There are five critical factors that tell you if the leads you are using are worth your time, effort and money: 1) what they cost; 2) their conversion rate; 3) unit of sale size; 4) repeat orders and residual value; and 5) hassle factor. Study these five factors and evaluate if your advertising campaign is working.

Is There Buzz About You?
Suzanne Bates
You don’t need a big budget or a multi-million dollar ad campaign to build a personal brand. It’s more about focusing on how to communicate effectively using your wits. A creative, thoughtful approach to delivering your message will get people saying positive things about you. If your message is interesting and you deliver it often enough, you can develop a powerful personal brand.

Possibility Thinking
David Krueger, M.D.
We only perceive the possibilities for which we have a map (or framework). Just as the map we created is not the territory itself, our perceptions and experiences are not the complete picture. Fear, adventure, change and possibility are all synonyms, just viewed from a different spot. Possibility thinking may simply be a different way of looking at something, an openness to feeling and perceiving what was previously unknown.

Juggling Work and Personal Life
Jon Wee and Owen Morse
Do you often feel like a juggler, trying to balance all the different responsibilities of your life? Before all your juggling balls come crashing down, follow some tips gleaned from…the world of juggling! If professional jugglers can balance chain saws, flaming torches and butcher knives without a scratch, they can certainly teach us a thing or two about bringing balance into our lives.

Givers Gain
Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI, is called “the father of modern networking” by Ecademy and “the networking guru” by Entrepreneur magazine. Ivan has been championing the concept of networking and the philosophical ethic that drives it for more than two decades. His latest book, Truth or Delusion?, recently hit #1 on the Amazon best-seller list and landed on the New York Times best-seller list as well. Today BNI has 4500 chapters throughout the world and BNI meetings see a significant presence of network marketers. Ivan describes how network marketers can thrive in the broader world of networking.

The Prospect Who Came in from the Cold
Tom Schreiter, the man behind the legendary “Big Al” books, newsletters and seminars, has had a greater, deeper and longer-running impact on how network marketers do business than anyone else we know. He is a marketing genius and meticulously methodical in his testing of every strategy he teaches. Being an engineer, he approaches prospecting as an utterly logical process. But there’s another reason for his following: Tom is one of the humblest, most self-effacing and just plain genuinely nicest people we’ve ever met. Hilarious, too.

Giving and Receiving from the Heart
Kelly Bryson, M.A., M.F.T., is a licensed psychotherapist and trainer in Nonviolent CommunicationSM, a process that brings out our natural ability to connect with ourselves and others. His goal is to form groups and organizations locally and internationally based on a model of transparency and trust, and create a world where everyone naturally gives and receives from a consciousness of abundance.

Rewriting History at a Direct Selling Giant
Vondell McKenzie appears at first glance to only be a kindly grandmother, however her keen business sense and will to win have rendered her a network marketing legend at the global beauty company she represents. As the first representative to build a large organization in the company’s network marketing program, she changed the course of history at one of the world’s oldest and best-known direct selling companies.

Partnering for Success
Fifteen years ago, George Ruiz knew how to buy and sell properties. What he didn’t know was how to weather an economic downturn. When Florida real estate took a dive, he lost everything and went searching. “I read a magazine article about network marketing,” says George, “and it opened my mind.” When he gave up the idea that he had to be in control and began delegating, he discovered the power of teamwork.

Balancing Family and Work
Andrea Frank Henkart and Journey Henkart
In order to be productive in our home-based business, we need to foster a peaceful family environment. We all know communication is the key, but how much thought do we put into what we say and how wesay it? Expressing appreciation and showing gratitude are two simple steps that go a long way to create positive feelings. Scheduling time for yourself and making time to relax are also crucial elements for a balanced life.

Connecting with People in Emotional Crisis
Aurora Winter
Knowing what to say in different life situations can be enormously valuable for building your business, especially in those moments when a business relationship suddenly turns personal because someone unexpectedly reveals a tragedy. If you are unprepared, your words can totally miss the mark and an opportunity to connect. Handled correctly, these situations allow you to build a connection for life.

The Power of Networking Groups, Part 3
Bob Burg
The primary purpose of a networking group is not to sell products and services among members. Rather, each member should serve as a “personal ambassador” to his or her 250-person sphere of influence. Recruit new members for your group by encouraging new members to invite prospective members, as long as they represent a business category that is not already represented.

Navigating Your Way to Excellent Credit
Patrick Ritchie
Many people believe they should close their credit card accounts to raise their credit scores. This is a complete fallacy; in fact, closing a credit card is more likely to decrease your score. On the other hand, letting your credit card accounts age can be a way to improve your credit score.

The Light and the Bushel
John David Mann
If you try to build a growing, network by being a product evangelist, hoping you will “back-door” enthusiastic consumers into discovering their latent interest in building a business, you may have to wait a long time. Don’t feel apologetic about this opportunity, or that it’s more “legitimate” to promote the product. The business itself is your most valuable product.