This brand-new book by prosperity guru Randy Gage is shocking, controversial and likely to shake up your beliefs about money, success and happiness. It’s also flat-out brilliant.

Obviously, the first thing that shocks is the title. If you don’t read the subtitle, you’re left with Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE. Randy revealed to me that the title choice was actually a marketing decision to get the book noticed on store shelves and feed the “contrived controversy” the media machine requires for broad exposure. But you’ll find the actual content of the book is all about getting to the good stuff—getting smart, healthy and rich!

Gage opens with a look at “memes,” which are viruses that worm their way into your subconscious mind without your being aware of them. Gage takes on everything that can hold you back, revealing the insidious programming from advertising, general media, organized religion and the government. From the late Pope John Paul II to popular movies, from fundamentalist preachers to politicians, Gage holds nothing back.

Further chapters show how to overcome “herd” thinking, eliminate limiting beliefs and develop the millionaire mindset. My favorite is chapter 7 on how to live your life in accordance with “The Universal Laws that Govern Prosperity.”

Chapter 8, titled “The Greatest Prosperity Secret,” is about the magic of residual income and the different ways to achieve it. Randy endorses network marketing as the best choice of all, due to the low investment, free training, quick profitability and ease of entry regardless of age, experience or education.

In other words, this book is the perfect third-party endorsement tool for the networking professional. You may want to get four or five extra copies to give out—they provide credibility in the same way as do the Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Zane Pilzer books.

With this difference: unlike Kiyosaki or Pilzer, Randy is actually an active and successful networking professional, earning over $100,000 a month.

You may not agree with everything Randy says, but he will definitely get you to do some critical thinking. He makes a strong case for each of his points with excellent examples; you’ll frequently find yourself nodding along. His analogy of what would happen if castaways on an island developed their own government should be required reading for anyone serious about success.

The book is written in a friendly, conversational style, but Gage isn’t afraid to get in your face. Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE… is a fun, entertaining read, but it’s more than that too: it’s a practical guide for manifesting health, happiness and prosperity.

Hardcover, 196 pages, $24.95; Wiley, 2006