If you have nobody left to talk to on your list, you have made a terrible mistake. The best advice I can give you is, don’t let new members that join your team make the same mistake.

Let me explain. Every professional sales system is based on a foundation of referrals. Unfortunately, very few network marketers are taught how to obtain referrals. They blow through their warm market and run out of prospects in the process.

Here are some questions for you to internalize and teach your organization, for they will make a powerful impact on the growth of your network:

“If you were going to do this business, who would be the first person you would talk to? Who would be the second? Who else do you know that I should talk to?” Ask these questions with pen in hand and be ready to take notes.

Here is how it works: you expose an opportunity DVD to ten people, none of whom have an interest right now. Now you ask each of these people the above series of questions and end up with perhaps twenty even better prospects to contact. The odds of the person you are exposing the business to being the one you are looking for are slim to none, but the odds of them knowing the person you are looking for are extremely high.

Personally, I would rather work ten referrals than thirty leads that I had to beat the street to create. Learn and teach your organization how to obtain referrals and watch your business grow. If you would like a free audio that explains this concept in detail email your request to DTCalvert@aol.com.

I realize that the above advice may not be helpful to you right now. What if you need to create leads this week? What do you do? The answer is, you must learn to master lead generation.

I’ve seen experienced and even veteran networking professionals who never mastered the skill of generating leads. That is like a dentist who doesn’t know how to do a root canal. Every professional networker should have the ability to make their phone ring with fresh prospects at will.

If you want to become a self-educated master in lead generation, check out the Networking Times Webinar schedule or look for the E-learnings containing my courses: How to Recruit Distributors with Newspaper Ads; How to Create Eager, Responsive, Local Prospects From Your Own Hometown; and How to Create Leads for your Business with Funded Proposals and Online Auctions. Develop a route in your local community where you can place flyers on bulletin boards and leave company literature in waiting rooms. Create and use advertising buttons, sun shades and small classified ads in free local newspapers.

If you can learn to master and teach the skill of lead generation, you will never run out of prospects again.

DALE CALVERT is a veteran networker,
trainer and faculty member of Networking University.