So you signed up your mom, your dad, your friends. You bought everything there is to know about network marketing, you became a professional seminar attendee and you spent hundreds of dollars on “How to Do Network Marketing” courses, yet you still don’t have a growing organization. Worse, you have no one else to talk to.

My advice is: you need to quit. Quit begging people to join your business; quit spending hundreds of dollars on things that tell you what to do; and most of all, quit caring who joins your business. 

Once I stopped caring about who joined my business, my income exploded. I knew my job was simply to make exposures and follow up.

That’s it.

That’s network marketing: make exposures, follow up, create relationships, and repeat that process. And teach your team how to do the same thing. 

The best way to expand your contact list is to commit to making a certain amount of exposures to your business/product every day, whether on the phone, in person or through the Internet. I don’t go to sleep before I make those exposures. My magic number is two exposures a day.

One powerful way to expose people to your business—an under-utilized technique in network marketing—is through the art of sampling. Sampling is the easiest, most fun, least-rejection way of expanding your contact list. Remember, you already programmed your mind not to care whether people join or not, so the rest is easy. Commit to putting out two samples of your product a day.

Why would you use product samples to build your business instead of leading directly with the opportunity? Well, the easiest way to expand your prospect list is to simply let people try your product. That way you can approach anyone without the fear of “Will they say yes or no to my business?” The rejection is gone. You are not emotionally attached to the sample; you are just committed to two a day, and the person in front of you just happens to be one of your two.

In today’s marketplace, people want to develop a relationship and know you care about them before they will get involved. They also want to try the product at some point before they will join your business. By using the two-a-day sampling method, you can compress your success by sharing your product while making a new friend for your business. Sampling works and is probably the most effective way to expand your contact list, get product users, and sign up new distributors—all at the same time.

MIKE POTILLO is an international network marketer
and creator of the CD Series
How to Go from Minor
League Networking to Major League Networking.