Each time I read the Wall Street Journal, I feel confirmed in my career choice of professional networking as the way to create an abundant life. Every day new stories reveal the lack of ethics in today’s business world and the failures of leaders in both the corporate and political arenas. These failures affect millions of hard-working people trying to meet the basic needs of their families.

Do I dwell on these negative aspects of our world in motion? Of course not! I see possibilities. I remember what I learned from the DVD The Secret.* The results I see in the world today are linked to thoughts, feelings and actions of the past; what I envision for the future will be the result of thoughts, feelings and actions I take from this moment onward.

In the smoldering embers of our collapsed mega-corporations and two trillion dollars in government pension plans, the seeds of new opportunity lie waiting to be discovered. By sharing our opportunities, our beliefs and our dreams, we can reignite those embers into the fires of passion.

When you commit to continuous learning, a part of that commitment is to keep up with what’s happening around you in your community, locally and globally. As you build your belief in yourself and your networking opportunity, you build a resource for others to tap into. That resource is you!

Thousands of people are looking for you right now. You have something they want. You know something they want to know. Stand in your power. Share your opportunity!

Expand your mind—expand your sphere of influence.

Remember: education changes everything!

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University

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