Powerful Friends in Washington

I’m really glad I read this article [“Champion on the Hill: A Conversation with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch,” Lead Story, Nov/Dec 2006].

I’m a new subscriber, and I just want to say that I’m really glad that I signed up when I did. I would not have wanted to miss this article.

It’s really good to know that someone in Washington is actually interested in helping our industry. I live in Michigan, so I can’t vote for Senator Hatch, but I sure would if I could.

I’m sure there are a lot of other people who feel the same way, so when you get the chance, tell the Senator how much we all appreciate him.

Thanks for your good work too.

— George Wardlaw

The Secret Frequently Asked Question

Why did Esther Hicks want her part in The Secret removed?

— Dennis Duke

We asked the question and Esther Hicks sent us the complete answer, which we could not publish here in its entirety. Instead, we made it availableonline at www.networkingtimes.com/secret/estherhicks.

— JG

Education Changes Everything

I signed up for the More Heart Than Talent Mindset conference and received a twelve-month scholarship to Networking University. What is NU and what exactly are the benefits of being a student?

— Lydia Stasiak

Welcome to Networking University! The mission of NU is “to educate networking professionals worldwide towards greater personal and financial freedom by teaching them the skills and the mindset to serve others with increased integrity, efficiency and responsibility.”

The curriculum of NU spans three departments: Personal Development, Professional Development and Business Development. Each department offers a wide range of Webinars, E-learnings and live training events taught by an experienced and accomplished faculty comprised of leaders in the networking space.

To read all about the benefits and offerings of our online university, go to www. networkingtimes.com and click on the “University” tab. NU offers a certification program at three different levels: Certified Networking Specialist (45 Credits); Certified Networking Professional (90 Credits); Certified Networking Mentor (180 Credits).

The way you earn credits is by attending Webinars as well as other NU-sponsored events listed under the “Course List” button. Matriculated NU students can also take E-learning courses at your own pace and free of charge. After you attend a course, go to your account and you will find under “Tests” a link to a multiple choice test for the course you took. Take the multiple choice test. If you pass, you receive credit. If you fail, you can come back and try again. You can track your progress towards certification at any stage by logging into your account and viewing your personal transcript.

Also remember to read the training articles under “Free Resources”—they don’t give you any units, but they still hold valuable information.

Enjoy the journey!

— JG