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Senator Orrin Hatch
Lead Story:
Senator Orrin Hatch

Jim Turner
Jim Turner

Susan and Dwight Havener
Susan and Dwight Havener

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Champion on the Hill
U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch is known to networkers as the driving force behind DSHEA, without which nobody today would be able to afford dietary supplements. Utah’s Senator Hatch is a strong advocate of the nutrition industry and the networking profession. He is currently working on the Adverse Event Reporting bill which will further protect the industry by showing that the majority of supplements are safe and help millions of people improve the quality of their lives.

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The Economic Expression of the American Revolution
Jim Turner, Esq. has appeared before every major consumer regulatory agency, including the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Trade Commission. He was lead attorney on a successful petition to the FDA that made the use of acupuncture needles legal in 1996. Today, as Chairman of the Board of Citizens for Health, Jim is one of our leading watchdogs.

Living From Purpose
Susan and Dwight Havener love teaching people how to create the life of their dreams. Network marketing became their vehicle because it is a profession that promotes growth in all areas of life. They joined a health supplement company knowing that if they could help people physically feel better, they would have the energy to focus their minds and align them with their hearts’ desire.

Rising to the Challenge
Marguerite and Pat Sung were pursuing high-level professional careers before entering the networking space. They joined the profession only to supplement their incomes. However, what began as a side project has turned into a real career, bringing them more income than they ever dreamed possible. Today the Sungs love teaching others the principles of building a successful networking business.

A Second Chance at Success
Kosta Gharagozloo is a top earner at a health and lifestyle network marketing company. As a child, he was caught in a civil war ravaging his country and became a political refugee. The memories of his harrowing beginnings are what motivates him daily to give others another chance at success. Even with his wealth, he says, the dreams he has helped come true are his greatest achievement.

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