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Words of Wisdom
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A panel of four guest commentators ponder the question, “What can we do, as a profession, to come together as a unified force for good?”

Becoming a Trusted Leader
Sue Dyer
Your primary responsibility as a leader is to develop a high-trust relationships with your followers. Instead of managing your team, focus on transforming mindsets and behaviors. If you can create the right atmosphere and attitudes, the right actions for success will follow. Be aware of and eliminate any fear in yourself or your team. A safe environment allows the truth to surface so you can deal with the issues at hand.

When Should I Quit My Job?
Art Jonak
One of the biggest reasons people join network marketing is because they hate their jobs. Their goal is to earn enough money so they can afford to leave their present employment. Reporting in from a typical business-and-pleasure trip to London, veteran networker and global-trotter Art Jonak explains why the best way to start building your financial independence is by working your business part-time.

Due Diligence
Scott Allen
The coauthor of The Virtual Handshake points out six questions to evaluate whether a networking opportunity is worth your time and money. Is your upline knowledgeable and trustworthy? Do you love the product including its price? How soon can you start making money? Why do you want to get involved? The best way to ensure your success is to choose the right opportunity for the right reasons.

Your Past, Present or Future
Richard Bliss Brooke
The movies we play in our heads and the feelings that accompany them are our “personal visions.” These visions are based on what we believe, which tends to be those things that we have already experienced. Establish a belief about your future that has no connection with the past. Take advantage of the power of your subconscious mind and make up a new movie of what you want your life to be like.

How to Facilitate Change
David Krueger, M.D.
How does change occur? Why do we repeat behavior that doesn’t work? We tend to see ourselves as the victims of our life stories. The truth is, we are the authors of our stories and we create our feelings with our thoughts. In order for lasting change to take place, we need to write a new story and repeat it until new neuronal pathways form in our brains.

Caterpillar or Butterfly?
Teresa Romain
How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? By wanting to fly so much that it is willing to give up being a caterpillar. The key to experiencing higher levels of prosperity in business and in life is desire. You have to want it—more than you like the comfort and familiarity of what you have in your life right now.

Champion on the Hill
U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch is best known to networkers as the driving force behind the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), without which nobody today would be able to afford dietary supplements. Utah’s Senator Hatch is a long-time advocate of the nutrition industry and the networking profession. He is currently working on passing the Adverse Event Reporting (AER) bill which will further protect consumers and the industry by showing that the majority of supplement manufacturers offer safe products that have helped millions of people improve the quality of their lives.

The Economic Expression of the American Revolution
As co-founder of the law firm Swankin & Turner, Jim Turner has appeared before every major consumer regulatory agency, including the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Trade Commission. He was lead attorney on a successful petition to the FDA that made the importation and use of acupuncture needles legal in 1996. Today, he is Chairman of the Board of Citizens for Health, closely watching and actively working on maintaining our present health standards of dietary supplement access and expanding them to influence the world standard.

Living From Purpose
Susan and Dwight Havener love teaching people about the power of their thoughts and what it takes to create the life of their dreams. Network marketing became their vehicle because it is a profession that promotes growth in all areas of life. The Haveners chose a health supplement company because if people physically feel better, they have more energy to focus their minds and align them with their hearts’ desire.

Rising to the Challenge
Marguerite and Pat Sung were pursuing high-level professional careers before entering the networking space. They joined the profession only to supplement their incomes. What began as a side project has become a real career, taking the Sungs around the world and bringing them more income than they could ever dream. Today they love teaching others the principles of building a successful networking business.

A Second Chance at Success
Kosta Gharagozloo is a top earner at a health and lifestyle network marketing company. During his childhood, a civil war was ravaging his country and he became a political refugee. With the memories of his harrowing beginnings fresh in mind, giving others another chance at success is Gharagozloo’s prime motivator. Today he loves telling people his story and showing that if he can do it, anyone can do it.

Tell Us Another One
Suzanne Bates
One of the best ways to influence others is through the subtle art of storytelling. Since early development, our brains are hardwired to listen and respond to stories. Everyone has hundreds of stories stored inside, and observing what happens around you will bring you hundreds more.

Diversity and Networking
Ivan Misner
It is human nature to congregate with people who have similar experiences or perspectives as ours. When it comes to business networking, however, diversity is key. People who are different can function as “linchpins” or gateways to other groups of people. The best way to increase the number of linchpins in your network is to develop a diverse network—not a homogeneous one.

How to Condition Your Mind to Succeed
Ruben Gonzalez
Top achievers understand that words have the power to condition the mind. What you say to yourself affects what you think, which influences what you do. In addition to watching your self-talk, be careful with whom you associate. You don’t want to get any second-hand negative talk from the people you hang around with.

The Power of Networking Groups, Part 2
Bob Burg
If you want to create your own profitable networking group, structure your meetings by setting a clear agenda. Give members some time to business-socialize, then call the meeting to order and give each person a chance to present their three-minute “commercial.” Thank people—out loud—for the referrals they have made so far, then give out new leads and referrals publicly and enthusiastically.

“We’re in the Money”
Douglas Charney
While many people think life would be easy if only they were rich, history holds countless stories of people who received a windfall of cash, only to end up in worse financial shape than they were before. To protect you from losing your sudden money, consider the tax implications, develop a strong financial plan and keep your spending in check.

Ignore the Memo: Fly Anyway
John David Mann
“When I was seventeen, my friends and I wanted to create our own school, with no requirements or mandates, where each student designed his or her own course of study. We didn’t realize it was impossible. So we did it. The next year our school opened and it operated for a solid decade.” Whether you think you can or can’t…