When Susan and Dwight Havener hired a consultant thirteen years ago to help them go out and accomplish their dream, he asked, “Why do you want to become self-made millionaires?”

Their answer was, “We want to become multi-millionaires so we can go out into the world and help people understand how a subtle shift in awareness can have a powerful impact on their lives. We feel a need to teach the information we’ve learned and to enable others to experience the life of their dreams.”

It didn’t take the Haveners long to realize their vehicle of choice would be network marketing. After doing some research, they joined a young proprietary health supplement company.

“Networking is one of the few professions that allows you to expand in all areas of life: physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually,” Susan explains. “Once you become a networker, you’ve set the foundation; your business will grow to the degree you develop in those areas. What we liked about health care products was that if we could help people physically feel better, they would think more clearly. They would have the energy to learn how to harness their minds, and align them with their hearts’ desire.”

Making a Contribution

The Haveners focused on building their business and were thrilled at their financial success. But soon they realized somehow, something was missing.

“Four years ago we were in semi-retirement mode. We felt unfulfilled, living in our dream house, boating, traveling. We were yearning for something bigger. When we got back in touch with our deepest desire—through trainings, personal development, a lot of seminars and coaching—we realized we weren’t living our life purpose, which was to create greater wealth and vehicles to help mankind. And that brought us back out of retirement.”

As soon as they rekindled their heart’s desire, the Haveners found opportunities to create parts of their dream. They opened a wellness center in their hometown, Sarasota, Florida, and to this day actively support it as a small version of the kind of center they envision for the future.

“Our dream is to expand it into a worldwide center—The Secret center!” says Susan, referring to the highly acclaimed movie about the Law of Attraction. “The Secret truly reflects the way we have been working our lives for the past twenty-five years.”

Dwight adds, “We want to teach people how the mind works and how thoughts determine what we create, thus building leadership that can go out into the world and multiply. We are working on growing this center and eventually buying our own building.” Dwight has experience fundraising: a seasoned triathlete, he regularly organizes and competes in triathlons and cycling events that raise money for MS, AIDS and Huntington’s Disease.

Nurturing Children

Another aspect of the Haveners’ dream has to do with helping children.

“We feel that because of the global state of affairs, today’s children everywhere are victims of what we as a society are not taking responsibility for,” explains Susan. “People just aren’t aware of the impact their actions will have on the future of our children. Dwight and I want to acquire wealth so we can reach circles of people who have influence in the world, who create the laws and determine the societal mindset. By getting to know those people, we hope to be able to share our knowledge and experience. We want to help them expand their minds and think differently, so we can have less hunger and suffering in the world.”

No matter what the size and scope of their dream, the Haveners aren’t waiting to make a difference.

“Our immediate goal is to work with medically fragile children. We are spearheading and funding several projects providing children with nutritional support and building up their health. We’re also getting into the realm of helping children understand spirituality and universal principles.”

The first group they got involved with was an organization in Oregon that offers programs for at-risk children. Instead of taking a “Let the doctor fix it” or “Let the government pay for it” approach to treating drug and health issues, the center helps these youths heal their lives through art therapy and the principles of self-responsibility.

“Dwight and I don’t have children, so we reach out to the children of the world,” Susan adds, meaning not just in the U.S., but in other countries as well.

The Haveners provide funding for a private school in Tanzania, where the education of girls remains problematic, sometimes nonexistent. They also fund an educational project called the Lalibella Foundation, named after a city in Ethiopia, home of the Ark of the Covenant and the miraculous underground cathedrals.

Saving Lives in Romania

Another country the Haveners focus on is Romania. Over the past years, they sponsored Romanian orphanages, supplying medically fragile children with nutritional supplements on a monthly basis. Their project is part of their direct selling company’s foundation.

The results have been nothing short of astounding: every winter, the orphanages used to lose an alarming percentage of children due to respiratory problems. Since the orphans started taking the supplements, their health has dramatically improved; not a single child has died during the winter. Dwight and Susan are committed to continuing this program for years to come.

The reason Romania is near to their hearts has to do with Susan’s grandmother. During WWI, she joined the Red Cross as a nurse and took off for Romania, much against the wishes of her well-established family, who had other plans for her.

“My grandmother used to tell me her story while I was brushing her hair as a little girl,” Susan recalls. “She would sit me down and tell me that when I grow up, she wanted me to remember the less fortunate in the world. She received a humanitarian award from the queen of Romania because she saved thousands of children and women by setting up stationary hospitals in war-torn regions. Until the day she died, she stayed involved in all kinds of philanthropic projects.”

Two generations later, Susan and Dwight continue to build a legacy of serving the needy.

“Giving people our products is not enough, because they are still oppressed by their sociopolitical situation, just as in my grandmother’s time. Proper nutrition is a first step, to keep them alive and healthy; the next step is to educate them for change. We want to show people ways to rise above their circumstances, whether self-created or imposed by society. The world is our community, and we love being able to fund all these projects.”

Business With Purpose

Dwight and Susan credit the networking model with giving them the financial freedom and availability to serve.

“This profession is phenomenal,” says Susan. “We feel so blessed and grateful for what we do for a living.” Because they have a successful business, the Haveners have a lot of credibility and people want to donate to their organizations.

“We absolutely love networking, because the people we are in business with are not in it simply for the money; they want to make a difference, and they choose to do it for a living. We teach them how to turn their networking businesses into a full-time income so they can live their lives doing what their heart desires instead of working for a paycheck. This is part of our mission: helping people live their lives from purpose, instead of from survival.

“At the same time, we set an example: we live a great life, exercise, take care of ourselves, drive the cars we love, stay in beautiful places. We are able to afford the material things we want and show people that those things are there to nurture you, so you can go out into the world stronger and serve at an even greater level.”

Sounds like the perfect life?

“There are still a few little things we are working on: learning how to get out of our own way, and being mindful of the stories we make up about ourselves. We strive to live by the rule of aligning our thoughts, our words and our deeds, because that’s when you create miracles (we actually learned this from a spiritual mentor). Often we see people putting out the right actions, but they speak and think about what they don’t want, and then they are surprised that their life isn’t working.

“We do ninety-day coaching programs to teach people how to instill the disciplines to align those three areas. We encourage them to join a supportive community, align themselves with spiritual principles, make dream boards and use daily affirmations.”

Healing the World

People join the Haveners’ network not just to build a business but also to be a part of all these things they stand for.

“We don’t sell a product; we sell a way to create a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. We aren’t interested in signing up a lot of people; we build leadership one person at a time. When we bring new members into our community, we help them discover their unique gifts and exercise their abilities, so they too can feel they are expanding and contributing to the whole.” Susan believes that’s why they haven’t lost any leaders in their business over the past thirteen years.

“We strive to truly live our lives from a place of unconditional love. People are good; they just need more leadership and empowerment to live their hearts’ desires. People are looking for experiences for their souls to grow. More and more people are aware of that. What we are meant to do on this earth is grow.

“Last but not least,” says Susan, “we teach people how to heal and forgive the things that have happened to them. Dwight and I have encountered tremendous obstacles in our lives, and we’ve both had to go through a process of forgiving. We came to realize that this is our gift, that our hardships have brought us a deeper awareness of how to help people. We do a lot of mentoring and coaching, because we are passionate about sharing with others what healed our lives.

“If we can release the past—and everyone has something in their life that’s holding them back—if we can create a new story, and line up thought, word and deed, that story will manifest over time. Meanwhile, we create the community to support others in the process of their growth. When we can heal our lives, we can heal the world.”