What creates your vision? Think of the movies you and I play in our heads. They may start with dialogue, blossom into pictures, which then become moving pictures—and eventually we feel the way these movies make us feel. These movies and the feelings that accompany them are what I call our “personal visions.”

Self-motivation—the energy that fuels our ability to attract and act—originates in these visions. To the degree that there is a contrast between what we are right now and what we envision becoming, we are motivated to close that gap. Self-motivation moves us from what is so towards what we envision.

What do the energies of self-motivation look like?

When you and I are motivated enough, that is, when we are producing sufficient energy from this list, we can and will do just about anything we set our minds to. The question is, what is it we set our minds to?

The greatest danger of a miscue here is to think that what you and I want, even what we have a burning desire for, is in fact what we have set our minds to. There is often a huge difference between what we want and what our minds are set on. For example, think of something you have wanted for a long time, something you’ve wanted very badly and may have even worked hard for, but are no closer to having now than when you started wanting it.

Now think of something you have felt for some time was inevitable; something you have often seen happening in your mind’s eye; something you believe will happen, whether you really want it to or not. Notice how it seems to always happen, or how you seem to progress towards it.

Self-motivation has no conscience. It does not care what you want or don’t want; need or don’t need. It only produces itself in accordance with what you expect: the movies you watch in your mind.

Change Your Belief

How does belief work? Let’s say you really, really want to create some future prosperity. How do you come to believe you will raise your income to a certain level, when perhaps you never have?

Without mastering the art of vision and self-motivation, you and I will tend to believe only those things that we have already experienced. When we allow our own experiences to establish our beliefs, we tend to stay stuck in creating a cycle of mediocrity, endlessly producing the same level of results.

The only way to break this cycle and produce unprecedented results is to establish a belief about your future that has no connection with the past. You have to make it up in alignment with what you want, not in alignment with what you have achieved. To do this you must believe in the greatest gift and greatest secret of success: the art of vision.

The part of us that is powerful—our spirit, emotions and subconscious mind—the part of us that is magic, cannot tell the difference between a real experience and one we have vividly imagined. It cannot tell the difference between when you imagine you are earning an extra $10,000 every month from your part-time business and when you are actually earning that extra $10,000.

The conscious mind, however, can tell the difference. It is the part of our mind that chatters away all day long with opinions, judgments and nay-saying. It is the part of us that sits in a movie and knows it is just a paid performance.

But the conscious mind is fairly worthless as an asset for producing greatness. It is the part of us that leads us to play small. In contrast, the part of us that is infinite and extraordinary sits in a movie and sheds tears of joy or sadness, responding however the writers, directors and actors intended for us to respond.

Expect and Create

If you really were earning that $10,000 a month from your part-time business, what do you think you would expect to earn next month? How would you feel about the opportunity in store for your prospects? Who would you be willing to approach? How would you sound when you did? What feelings would the prospect get from you? What level of enthusiasm would you project? How persistent and creative would you be? What kind of stand would you take for others, so that they too could enjoy the freedom that comes with residual income?

Compare those answers to the way it is for you right now. If there is any difference between the two, it means your current vision is anchored in the past and present. If you are earning, say, $100 or $500 a month, you may be representing a $100- or $500-a-month opportunity. When it comes to how you see yourself, who you see as a prospect and how you present your opportunity, that $9,900 gap makes all the difference in the world.

Take advantage of the greatest gift and secret. Just make up your own movie of what you expect life to be like. The part of you that will get it done cannot tell the difference, and it will move in accordance. It will start moving now, and it will start moving powerfully.

RICHARD BLISS BROOKE is the CEO of a network marketing
company, a faculty member of Networking University and has
been a leader in the network marketing profession for decades,
on both the distributor and corporate-executive sides of the fence.