In the early nineties, I helped run an Upline Masters Event in Reno, Nevada. Mark Yarnell was honored with “The Greatest Networker in the World” award and during his speech he stated: “Let’s stop forming our MLM wagon train in a circle and firing inward!”

Fifteen years later, network marketing is still the only profession in the world where, when attacked, we circle our wagons and fire inward.

There comes a time in your networking career when you step up to be a leader; when you no longer defend just your group or your company, but also your profession, against any dreamstealers.

We can no longer wait to come together as a profession and create a goal bigger than ourselves. Nearly all professionals in the world get together once or twice a year to help promote their trade and make the profession stronger; to learn from each other, share insights and develop friendships. Doctors get together at medical conferences. Lawyers get together at lawyer association meetings. The movie industry has annual get-togethers. Yet the only time network marketers get together is at their own company conventions. That’s it!

How can we become a unified force for good in the world if we don’t even get to know each other? Heck, many of us don’t even want to acknowledge that other companies exist! And when we do, we view them as the enemy and try to shoot them down—we fire inward!

We can change the network marketing paradigm. We can make our profession bigger, better and stronger than anyone has ever imagined possible. Let’s do it by getting together and getting along—even if we are in different companies.

Not possible?

In the last three years I’ve hosted and produced four Network Marketing Mastermind Events ( Networkers from over forty countries, representing dozens of companies, have attended these “leave your guns at the door,” generic, three-day professional growth conferences. The results have been nothing short of astounding!

Every year Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and I co-host the Network Marketing Cruise ( For sixteen years, thousands of networkers from all over the world, representing dozens of companies, have been gathering on a one-week Caribbean cruise and having a blast!

Yes, it is possible for us to get along and prosper. Attending these extraordinary events has helped all of us build bigger and more stable organizations with our respective companies.

Are you doing your part? Do you know and support network marketers outside your company? Do you attend generic network marketing get-togethers? The more time we spend together and learn from each other, the more powerful we become as a unified force for good in the world.

ART JONAK is a Networking University faculty member,
a successful network marketing leader and widely respected trainer.