In the summer of 1993, I came to a turning point in my life. I no longer felt fulfilled just doing business and was seeking a deeper purpose for my life. My wife Linda suggested that I pray about what God’s purpose for my life was, rather than seeking my own. I thought this meant I should enter the ministry, which at that point I was willing to do.

As we prayed about it, Linda felt that God was actually calling us to create a new company that would somehow serve the needs of a hurting world. Without having any idea about what would come next, we committed ourselves to that purpose.

At the time, leading economists around the world were beginning to predict gloom and doom for our health care system. Costs were skyrocketing and the system was producing too few solutions for a majority of health-challenged individuals. Masses of people were beginning to demand safe, nontoxic alternatives to address their health issues, and the emerging wellness industry was moving full speed ahead.

A few months after we had prayed together, I co-founded a proprietary health supplement company whose goal was to bring to market the most scientifically advanced nutritional technologies available anywhere. Within a few years, we discovered an entirely new category of vital nutritional components, which have been having a profound impact on the health and quality of life for thousands of people ever since that time.

In the process, a culture of associates has emerged who consistently put the opportunity to enhance the lives of others ahead of their own personal gain. A powerful example is the number of our associates who contribute large portions of their earnings to buy products for others in desperate need. In 1999, Linda and I established a nonprofit entity within our company. Together with our associates, we support orphanages and nonprofit organizations in over eighty countries, positively affecting the lives of tens of thousands of children who without our collective efforts would have little hope of a normal life.

I have learned that the network marketing model can dramatically leverage both the best and the worst of human nature. Used wrongly, it thrives on pride, greed and self-indulgence. Used the right way, it can become a powerful tool for self-fulfillment, self-development and social change. Networking provides the ability to reach the masses through personal touch and teamwork. It offers people a unique opportunity to become part of something much greater than themselves, something that can affect generations to come.

As for me, my prayer for a purpose-driven life through serving the needs of others has been answered.

SAM CASTER is the founder, Chairman of the Board
and CEO of a major network marketing company.