For many years, I’ve regarded our business as the one profession capable of diminishing significant human hardships on a global scale. Together, we hold the key to unlimited resources the likes of which neither Bill Gates nor Warren Buffet have ever seen. We are a profession of individuals who can actively make a positive global impact if we can unite behind a common call: to create a goal bigger than ourselves.

Network marketing is a microcosm of societies everywhere, with one important difference: each individual in our profession has unlimited income potential. Once most of our individual needs are met, though, we often settle down and enter comfort zones that disengage us from responding to human suffering.

As a profession, we have the power to make this world a much better place. All it requires is for our leaders to unite and speak the following message: “Never quit until you earn enough to give away as much as you spend.”

Anyone reading this editorial has the ability to earn over a million dollars a year, thanks to our profession’s unlimited upside potential. Don’t become complacent at $10,000 or $20,000 a month just because you are comfortable at that level of income. Use your unique talents to create twice the residual income you need, and pick worthy causes to which you can give half of it away. No other profession offers its members such a marvelous opportunity to become actively engaged in global change.

For the past twenty years, my family and business associates have committed ourselves to doing three things for all networkers ready to listen.

First, we build their belief —through our materials and presentations—that they can earn millions. Next, we teach them step-by-step how to do it. Finally, we lead by example and contribute over half of our earnings to solve social problems.

In the end, our individual efforts may not amount to anything big compared to our collective potential. But if we can sell the concept of committing to a goal bigger than oneself and teach legitimate systems to achieve this, we will have made our contribution.

No other profession has ever been in a more powerful position at a more crucial time. All we need is for every individual to avoid getting stuck in a comfort zone and commit to making an individual difference which will collectively rock the world.

Not only can our profession change the world—I know it will. It is to that end that my associates and I humbly dedicate ourselves. Let’s get started.

Mark Yarnell is a legendary network marketer and author
Self Wealth, Your First Year in Network Marketing and
Your Best Year in Network Marketing. He is a faculty
member of Networking University.