Albert Einstein said, “The only purpose for us being here is to serve others.”

As we look back at this year and forward to ways we can further mold our lives into what we truly desire, let’s take an honest look at the service we’ve provided for our fellow man.

Service is all about finding ways to help others improve the quality of their lives. Excellent service recognizes the absolute importance of the soul in front of you, whether in person, over the phone or as linked by email. From the moment we get up in the morning and begin our interactions with fellow human beings, we’re serving others.

If you want to measure the difference you’re making in people’s lives, the only question you need to ask yourself is this: “How big is my serve?”

If you are ready to vastly increase your own income, you might ask yourself the same question: “How big is my serve?”

As Earl Nightingale noted in his audio program, The “Lead the Field” Seminar, “If any person alive is discontented with their rewards, they should examine their service. Action equals reaction. ‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap.’ What you put out in service will determine what you get back in return.”

The only limit to what you are capable of earning is the limit you place on your serve.

I often talk in seminars about the “Stretch and Serve” concept. To serve at a much higher, more significant level, you must first stretch your imagination. See yourself providing service in a marketplace many times the size of the one you’re presently operating in. Write down your annual income on a sheet of paper and ask yourself, “How can I turn this annual income into a monthly income?” When you begin to work your marvelous imagination around this question, you will surprise yourself with the easy solutions that float to the surface.

When these two concepts—stretch and serve—are successfully combined and brought into a working reality, your rewards could run into millions. There are plenty of people in our profession who are proving this!

If you’re worried about your income or your future, you’re concentrating on the wrong end of the scale. If you’re looking back at the year behind you and feeling that you’ve done little to have an impact on the world around you, you’re concentrating on the wrong end of the scale. It’s not about “getting,” it’s about “giving”! Concern yourself only with increasing your service, every hour and every day. From there, your future and your income will take care of themselves.

BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.