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Frank Maguire
Lead Story:
Frank Maguire

Dr. Henry Cloud
Dr. Henry Cloud

See Your Troops Foundation
See Your Troops Foundation

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The Greatest Act of Faith
Frank Maguire has a resume that reads like a guided tour of twentieth- century greatness: from running ABC to working at the Kennedy White House, helping Fred Smith create FedEx and Harlan Sanders run Kentucky Fried Chicken, Frank has been there, done that and seen it all. Now he’s talking about network marketing, which he describes as "potentially the greatest economic opportunity that has ever existed" and the hope of America's economic future.

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Why Character Comes First
Dr. Henry Cloud has consulted to leaders of Fortune 25 firms; reached millions of radio listeners in over 150 markets for over a decade; conducted hundreds of public seminars on relationships, marriage, personal growth and spirituality; and built a health care company with centers in thirty-five cities. His books have sold over four million copies. When it comes to understanding the essential elements of greatness, there is nobody more qualified for the task.

Connecting Soldiers and Their Families
Jim Hopper had been active in fund-raising and running non-profits for years when he encountered network marketing, and he immediately saw the potential for bringing the two models together. The result: a fascinating project that has provided troops abroad with thousands of hours of free phone calls home.

A Networking Revolution
In her twenty-eight years in the business, Evertrue Bell has developed a reputation as an exceptionally resourceful leader. Now she has been tasked with an unusual mandate: help a hundred-year-old, traditional direct selling company embrace its relatively new network marketing model.

Swimming at the Top
Growing up, Donna Johnson watched her mom struggle to survive as a single mother, and vowed she would never be without the means to support herself. Her devotion to swimming taught her the dedication, commitment and work ethic she needed to make good on that vow; network marketing provided the context.

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