That’s right: live interactive training with some of the best trainers in network marketing—at a total cost of zero! Each Networking University Webinar is taught by a different master of his or her field. A simple click of a link will install the software you’ll need to be logged into our NU Webinar conference room. It’s that simple!

Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

WENDY WEISS: Prospect, Profit and Prosper (Wednesday, September 20)
This one-hour Webinar will teach you how to use the telephone to reach prospects directly and control the selling process, all in the comfort of your own home or office. Learn how to: discover new markets and prospects who are waiting to hear from you; identify hot leads so you don’t waste precious time; build rapport so that you and your prospect both have a good telephone experience; and create appointment-setting scripts that make your prospects want to see you.

DR. BILL TOTH: What Time Zone Are You In? (Wednesday, September 27)
Why do some people make $200 a month, while others make $20,000? In part, the answer lies in how they perceive time. Time is a progressive linear constant that cannot be saved, borrowed or managed. We all have the same twenty-four hours in every day. It’s what we do with them that makes all the difference. Which time zone are you in—part-time, full-time, no-time or all the time?

LAURA KALL: Prospecting Your Way to the Top (Wednesday, October 4)
This course will teach you how to become a master recruiter and inspire your entire organization to prospect their way to the top! Topics will include how to: prospect in everyday life situations; turn any situation into a “prospectable moment”; start conver-sations with total strangers; maintain control over your prospecting conversations; and become more efficient at following up.

TODD FALCONE: Live Dialing With Todd (Tuesday, October 17)
Listen in as a prospecting master dials leads live, right before your very ears! Hear how Todd qualifies, sorts, leaves messages and asks probing questions that lead to newly sponsored distributors. This is a surefire way to learn how to improve your telephone prospecting skills.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
September/October 2006


9/06 Dale Calvert: How to Create Eager, Responsive, Local Prospects from Your Own Hometown
9/13 Steve Siebold: The Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class
9/20 Wendy Weiss: Prospect, Profit, Prosper
9/27 Dr. Bill Toth: What Time Zone Are You In?


10/04 Laura Kall: Prospecting Your Way to the Top
10/11 Howard Martin: The Power of Positive Feeling—Scientifically Validated Keys to Creating Success in Business and in Life
10/17 Todd Falcone: Live Dialing with Todd
10/25 Mark Helsel: How to Build a Residual Income by Focusing on Customers

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