I hope you’re enjoying your summer as you continue to build your business. You are continuing, aren’t you?

Summer is a terrific time to travel and to enjoy your family and friends. As you move around our beautiful planet and enjoy the relationships you’ve earned, be sure to keep your dreams alive. Envisioning your dreams fulfilled is the key to genuine greatness that turns vision into reality with greater ease and joy.

As you climb your company’s leadership ladder, it may at times look like that ladder disappears into the clouds. But you are always in sight to the people following you. By focusing consciously on your dreams, your subconscious continues to attract those people and resources needed to make your dreams come true. It’s like magic!

When you are traveling, you have the opportunity to meet new people. Observe how you interact in each of these situations.

A new field called Network Science studies how we form personal networks. We form hubs and nodes, and links both strong and weak. It turns out that our greatest opportunities for building our networks lie in the recognition of our weak links. When you meet someone new, that person is a hub in a network to which you now have a weak link. Becoming aware of the importance of this weak link to building your dreams will inspire you to spend some time strengthening that link. Instead of thinking, “This person isn’t worth my time because we have nothing in common,” consider building a relationship.

Besides expanding your personal world, that relationship could be your link into an entirely new market!

When you consciously envision your dreams coming true, the law of attraction comes into play and your “chance meetings” will not be chance at all. Apply this element of greatness this summer to advance your position through all the family activities and travel you do. Be grateful for the opportunities and love that surround you. Expand your awareness to allow new links to come into your life. You deserve to be great!

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University