An Inside Job
The two simple ingredients of greatness: systematic thinking and urgency of purpose.

More dialogue on the “Harvard goals study” that never was.

Networking University
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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on the nature and anatomy of greatness.

A panel of three guest editors ponder the question, “What in your experience are the essential elements of greatness?”

The War Against Supplements
Don Karn
Supplements are under the twin guns of a negative public relations campaign and the threat of legislation—both domestic and international—aimed at onerous regulation that could put many of us out of business.

Secrets from the Sun Deck
Art Jonak
What makes distributors create product volume? Jonak and his international friends ask this question and find three answers: product volume grows when distributors love the products, are required to buy them and especially when they know how to market them.

Clear a Path for Greatness
Sharif Khan
“Good is the enemy of great.” Borrowing this premise from Jim Collins, Khan then outlines ten steps for establishing greatness in your life, from “get rid of the merely good” and “commit to an annual theme” to “ask for help!”

The Samurai Business Leader
Don Schmincke
Author of the CEO best-seller, The Code of the Executive, Schmincke draws on the principles of Bushido for timeless lessons in leadership, including the networking applications of preparation for death; bravery; honor; and life balance.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain
David Krueger, M.D.
New research shows that by creating new experiences, we can literally rearrange our neural connections and even grow new brain cells, giving whole new meaning to the idea of “changing your mind.”

What Are You Duplicating?
Teresa Romain
The abundance in your group—or lack of it—starts with you. Whatever you focus on, that’s what will duplicate in your organization. Romain points out common patterns of relating to our networks that can hamper their growth, and how to flip these to the positive.

The Greatest Act of Faith
Sam Walton once called Frank Maguire, “The best motivator I’ve ever heard,” and he didn’t get that way observing from the sidelines. He has a résumé that reads like a guided tour of twentieth-century greatness: from running ABC to working at the Kennedy White House, helping Fred Smith create FedEx and Harlan Sanders run Kentucky Fried Chicken, Frank has been there, done that and seen it all. Today he’s one of the highest-rated and most sought-after speakers in the world. Ted Koppel (one of many Frank originally hired at ABC) describes him as “Like a gust of fresh air has come bursting through the door.” Charles Osgood (another Maguire hiree) calls him “Corporate America’s wake-up call.” And now he’s talking about network marketing, which he describes as “potentially the greatest economic opportunity that has ever existed” and “the hope of America’s economic future.”

Why Character Comes First
Dr. Henry Cloud has consulted to leaders of Fortune 25 firms; reached millions of radio listeners in over 150 markets for over a decade; conducted hundreds of public seminars on relationships, marriage, personal growth and spirituality; and built a health care company with centers in thirty-five cities. His books have sold over four million copies. When it comes to understanding “the essential elements of greatness,” there is nobody more qualified for the task.

Connecting Soldiers and Their Families
A practicing CPA, Jim Hopper had already been active in fund-raising and running non-profits for years when he encountered network marketing, and he immediately saw the potential for bringing the two models together. The result has been a fascinating pet project that has provided troops abroad with thousands of hours of free phone calls home.

A Networking Revolution
In her twenty-eight years in the business, Evertrue Bell has developed a reputation as an exceptionally resourceful leader, creating success stories in markets that challenged even the most seasoned marketer. Now she has been tasked with an unusual and especially challenging mandate: help a hundred-year-old, traditional direct selling company embrace its relatively new network marketing model.

Swimming at the Top
Growing up in a blue-collar home, Donna Johnson watched her mom struggle to survive as a single mother, and vowed she would never be without the means to support herself. Her devotion to swimming (and later, coaching swimmers) taught her the dedication, commitment and work ethic she needed to make good on that vow—and network marketing provided the context.

Forget Duplication!
Michelle Sullivan
Helping people duplicate what we do is supposed to be the core strategy of successful networking—but the truth is, leaders often aren’t sure of exactly how they got to the top themselves. Perhaps we should stop trying to help people mimic us, and focus instead on helping them find the greatness in themselves.

How to Think Like a Champion
Ruben Gonzalez
Three-time Olympian in the luge and author of the book The Courage to Succeed, Gonzalez walks us through the process he went through to create his amazing 1998 comeback after six years of absolutely no physical training.

The Power of Networking Groups
Bob Burg
Starting your own professional networking group takes serious work—but the results will pay for the effort many times over. In the first of a three-part series, Networking master Burg lays out a complete primer for creating your own group.

Live Your Ideal Life Today
Sonia Stringer and Teresia LaRoque
If you don’t take the time to focus on that great lifestyle you want to create for yourself, it will never happen. Stringer and LaRoque outline a three-step process for designing your ideal life, and then finding ways to live it right away, even if only on a modified scale.

A Walk on the Moon
John David Mann
There has been a fundamental shift in the way we view our business. We used to be driven by the promise of the big check; now we are led by the more realistic expectation of the little check—and the wisdom of how to leverage it to create long-term success.