I would have never stumbled across this little book if it weren’t for Amazon.com sending me one of those notices that says, “If you liked XYZ, you will love….” Remembering some brilliant insights from Joe Vitale’s other writings, and always interested in letting something work for me (especially my subconscious mind), I did not hesitate to order the highly recommended read.

Penetrating this booklet was like one of those games where you open a box to find another box, with yet another box inside.

In the first pages, you find out it isn’t actually Joe Vitale’s writing. He is publishing a book written in the early 1920s by Genevieve Behrend. But the original book doesn’t actually consist of Genevieve’s ideas either: she is transcribing a dialogue that occurred between herself and the famous author and teacher, Judge Thomas Troward.

The lessons start with a short biography of Thomas Troward, philosopher and sage, born in India in the mid-1800s. A glossary then defines some of the frequently used terms, and finally you get to the heart of the book, the dialogue between the Pupil and the Sage. Here you find the treasure: one of the clearest, most comprehensive and most practical explanations

I have ever read of how the creative process works.

Let me share some gems I gathered from lesson two, “How To Get What You Want”:

What every human being wants is more liberty and joy in life. Degrees of joy and liberty are invariably manifested by varying degrees of intelligence.

The greater your intelligence, the more easily you can call into action the highest order of creative energy. You are as much a part of the very highest intelligence as a drop of water is a part of the ocean. The highest form of intelligence is that form which is able to recognize itself as related to all existing intelligence.

When you are convinced that every physical circumstance or thing has its origin in corresponding activities of the mind (thought), you are able to conquer adversity in any form, because you can always control your thoughts. You must always be determined to do your own thinking. When you believe that a situation is beyond your control, so it is.

When fear, anxiety and discouragement assail you, weakening your power to attract what you want, take deep breaths and repeat aloud or silently: “The Life in me is inseverably connected with all the life that exists, and it is entirely devoted to my personal advancement.” This affirmative thought will free you from the negative, anxious suggestion.

The next lessons, “How To Overcome Adverse Conditions,” “Strengthening Your Will” and “Making Your Subjective Mind Work For You,” are filled with equally powerful and practical suggestions, which the sage promises, “will bring you to the goal of your desire—substance, love, friends, health, happiness and the peace that passeth all understanding.”

Paperback, 98 pages; $19.95; Morgan James Publishing