What’s the foundation of your business, abundance or scarcity?

Let’s review one of the most important abundance principles (one I’ve covered many times in this column) to see if you’re using it to create a foundation of abundance or one of scarcity. This principle is the Law of Attraction.

This Law states, “What you focus on is what will show up and expand in your life.” In other words, if you focus on scarcity, scarcity will show up. It is only when you focus on abundance that abundance can show up and expand in your business and your life.

This seems simple enough…on paper. Actually applying the principle in your life can be another story.

Where Is Your Focus?

For example, what do you focus on when you’re prospecting? Are you looking for people who are not making enough money, who don’t have enough time, or who aren’t having enough fun? In other words, are you focusing on people who have something missing in their lives?

If you are, then you’re focusing on enrolling people who are already operating from scarcity! Which means your own focus is on scarcity, too—and your new associates will base their new businesses on a foundation of scarcity too. If they join your business, they’ll be doing so to fix scarcity—which keeps them focused on it!

What’s your focus when you train a new business associate? How do you respond when a new associates says that she wants to be in your business to make an additional $300 to $400 each month, or to make “just enough money to pay for her own products”?

Do you respond by telling her to think and dream bigger? Do you tell her about how much more money she could make, such as $5,000 or $10,000 a month? Do you “not-enough” your new associate and discount her as someone who is not a leader or serious business builder?

And here’s the real question: if you are doing any of these things, then where is your focus in that moment? Are you focused on abundance or on scarcity?

Your Focus Is What Duplicates

Keep in mind that your focus on scarcity is what guarantees that scarcity will continue to show up and expand in your business.

Why? Because your focus on scarcity is what your associates will most likely duplicate. As a result, there’s a good chance that they will quickly learn to “not-enough” themselves and their dreams. This scarcity-based pattern will start to permeate their businesses: they will never take enough action, never get enough done, never have a big enough organization or a big enough commission check. This focus on scarcity and not enough will result in the sense of pressure, overwhelm, fear, frustration, inconsistency and lack of motivation or results—experiences which too many people accept as “normal,” but which are not normal at all. They are simply the results of coming from scarcity, rather than from abundance.

This pattern will then be duplicated throughout their businesses—that is, if they even continue with their businesses at all.

As a result, no matter how little or how much they make, it will never be enough—for them or for you. They will never experience the level of authentic abundance that is possible in all areas of their lives. And neither will you.

Constantly focusing on scarcity will always disempower both you and your associates. Only by focusing on abundance can you and your associates be empowered to learn, grow and take action.

Start Enoughing Your People!

Imagine the difference it would make if you responded to your new associate’s desire to make $300 to $400 with enthusiasm, acknowledgment and encouragement. What if you told her that it’s a great goal and you’ll support her to achieve it? How would your new associate feel about that goal and the business then? Can you sense how much more that might inspire her, keep her enthusiasm high and have her feel good about herself?

In other words, what if, instead of not-enoughing your people, you started enoughing them?

What if, instead of trying to get them to overcome their fear, inconsistency, inactivity and procrastination, you acknowledged their courage, creativity, discipline, generosity and the actions they take consistently? (Besides, when you try to get someone to overcome fear, inconsistency or procrastination, what you’re doing is focusing on exactly those things—which means that they are precisely what will continue to show up!)

Imagine what could happen if you begin focusing on the abundance already in your prospects’ and business associates’ lives—and teach them to do the same.

…And Start By Enoughing Yourself

Of course, for you to empower your prospects and associates to build their businesses abundantly, you must be willing to do the same for yourself.

That means that you must focus on the abundance already in your life, the abundance already within you. You must start enoughing yourself instead of not-enoughing yourself. You must emphasize consistency over quantity in your own life, acknowledging those actions that you are taking consistently.

And you must have fun each day. That’s the hallmark of a true leader. After all, the networking business you’re in is a business of duplication. What you duplicate begins with you—and if you’re not having fun, who will?

TERESA ROMAIN is the President and Founder of
Access Abundance!™ Services International,
an organization dedicated to helping people access
greater levels of abundance, freedom and
fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with
her husband, Dan, near the small town of
Big Springs, Wisconsin.