One of the greatest blessings about the work I do is that I have the privilege of working with hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of great distributor leaders, plus our vendor partners—all people who in their everyday actions exemplify the very essence of greatness.

I went to three of our company’s six founders and asked them each to give me a list of what they see as the essential ingredients of greatness.

Joe Morton is extremely accessible and appears so very “ordinary,” yet he quietly delivers extraordinary results and inspires greatness in all those he touches. Joe gave me these three essential ingredients:

Leadership: be willing to lead others, to be a self-starter and not wait for others to go first. Boldness: be willing to take risks, to do what others are not willing to do. Focus: be able to place your total concentration on what you are out to accomplish, undeterred by distraction.”

Aaron Garrity, our company’s president, is a man of boundless energy and brilliance. Along with our CEO Gary Hollister, he is a recent recipient of the “Ernst and Young 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

For Aaron, a person achieves greatness by staying determined, driven and focused. To these three attributes, Aaron adds a fourth condition: solitude. “Make sure to take periods of being alone,” says Aaron, “times for reflection, contemplation and wisdom.”

Gary Hollister is a man who speaks softly, yet his words carry far and have tremendous impact. When I asked Gary what are the essential ingredients of greatness, he said four things: “Focus. Dedication. Passion. And loyalty.”

As I observe the actions of those around me, I see that enduring greatness is not found in people’s actions but comes from their character. Greatness is a choice.

These people love their work. Their exceptional diligence comes from their passion. They are utterly devoted to building a great company within a great profession.

They are driven, gutsy, courageous and focused; and they take responsibility, which is the core of great leadership.

They display confidence and tenacity. They are not afraid to take risks and to learn from mistakes. As a result, they continuously improve themselves and their performance.

They are great listeners and are appreciative and grateful. They consistently honor, respect and contribute to other people.

They are honest and ethical.

They are original and authentic.

They have great humor: they take the business seriously, but not themselves!

They have balanced priorities, and take time for their family, friends and loved ones.

And because like attracts like, they draw others to them who exhibit all these same qualities.

BEVERLY HOLLISTER is Senior Vice President
of Business Development for a major network
marketing company, and wife of CEO Gary Hollister.