Sam Walton once called Frank Maguire, “The best motivator I’ve ever heard,” and he didn’t get that way observing from the sidelines. He has a résumé that reads like a guided tour of twentieth-century greatness: from running ABC to working at the Kennedy White House, helping Fred Smith create FedEx and Harlan Sanders run Kentucky Fried Chicken, Frank has been there, done that and seen it all. Today he’s one of the highest-rated and most sought-after speakers in the world. Ted Koppel (one of many Frank originally hired at ABC) describes him as “Like a gust of fresh air has come bursting through the door.” Charles Osgood (another Maguire hiree) calls him “Corporate America’s wake-up call.” And now he’s talking about network marketing, which he describes as “potentially the greatest economic opportunity that has ever existed” and “the hope of America’s economic future.”