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Howard Martin
Lead Story:
Howard Martin

Bruce Lipton
NT Interview:
Bruce H. Lipton

Emma Peters
The Heart of Business:
Emma Peters

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The Heart of the Matter
In 1991, a visionary named Doc Childre assembled a crack team of scientists, educators and business people to create the Institute of HeartMath®, an organization dedicated to ground-breaking research that would help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. From the start, Childre’s long-time friend and associate Howard Martin (HeartMath’s Executive VP of Strategic Development) has been there, helping to guide and shape the mission.

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In Pursuit of the “Honeymoon” State of Being
In the seventies, as genetic research was grabbing headlines and research grants, an unknown Wisconsin medical school professor with an interest in quantum mechanics quietly upset the apple cart. A quarter-century later, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, has taken the world by storm. According to Lipton’s work, genes control neither our cells nor our destinies. Instead, they are themselves controlled by signals from outside the cell—including our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Giving Orphans a Family
Emma Peters was always an enthusiastic consumer of her company’s products, but she devoted only lukewarm part-time effort to the business itself. That is, until she began to see that she could take her life’s mission, which she’d pursued as a school teacher, to a whole new level.

A New Lease on Life
LeeAnn Werner Jackson persisted in networking for more than a decade before achieving the kind of success she came in hoping for. Still, once she understood the concept of leverage, she knew she could never go back to her linear work life.

Modeling a Family-Centered Business
As a medical doctor, Bill had been approached numerous times by networking hopefuls—-and kicked them out of his office one by one. Julie learned about the business while in college, but didn’t take it seriously. Eventually, though, they both found their way into the business—-and then found each other.

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