That’s right: live interactive training with some of the best trainers in network marketing—at a total cost of zero! Each Networking University Webinar is taught by a different master of his or her field. A simple click of a link will install the software you’ll need to be logged into our NU Webinar conference room. It’s that simple!

Sample Webinar Course Descriptions
HOWARD MARTIN: The Ultimate Partnership: Understanding the Relationship Between Heart and Mind for Optimal Performance (Tuesday, July 11)
The heart acts as the central controller in the human system, sending powerful commands to the brain and rest of the body. Harnessing this amazing power improves mental clarity, emotional balance, communication skills and health. In this Webinar you will learn about: four ways the heart receives and transmits information; the power of positive emotion—the next frontier in human evolution; new consumer-oriented technology that monitors and measures heart/brain communication; how to use the power of the heart and emotions such as care, appreciation and non-judgment to develop the resiliency and intelligence needed to be more successful in business and life.

TODD FALCONE: Live Dialing (Tuesday, July 16)
Listen in as a prospecting master dials leads live, right before your very ears! Hear how Todd qualifies, sorts, leaves messages and asks probing questions that lead to newly sponsored distributors. This is a surefire way to learn how to improve your telephone prospecting skills.

DR. FRANCISCO DELACRUZ: Discovering Your Network Marketing Destination (Wednesday, August 23)
Learn the fundamentals and flourish! In this Webinar you will learn the five key elements to network marketing success, when to use them and how to interweave them to transform from a dreamer to a success story, completing the destiny you’ve always envisioned. Network marketing made simple!

MARK YARNELL: Twenty-First-Century Networking: The Last Bastion of Capitalism (Wednesday, August 2)
As outsourcing, downsizing and situation ethics become the norm, network marketing is the final frontier for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our greatest challenge is to learn how to present our business as rationally, rapidly and non-threateningly as possible to people who are bombarded with competing information. This webinar will teach participants how to create radical wealth through relationship-building and values-based selling.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
July/August 2006


7/11 Howard Martin: The Ultimate Partnership: Understanding the Relationship Between Heart and Mind for Optimal Performance
7/18 Todd Falcone: Live Dialing
7/26 Bob Burg: Master Your Traits—Master Yourself
7/28-30 Live Event: Vic Johnson with Bob Proctor and Jim Rohn “Claim Your Power Now Weekend,” Atlanta, GA*


8/2 Mark Yarnell: Twenty-First-Century Networking: The Last Bastion of Capitalism
8/9 Mitch Axelrod: Value Networking: How to Attract People Like a Magnet
8/16 Karen Phelps: Keeping Your Calendar Booked Solid From Home Presentations
8/23 Fran DeLaCruz: Discovering Your Network Marketing Destination
8/30 Paula Pritchard: “I Have Listened to All the Trainings…So… Why Isn’t it Working for Me?”

*Networking University sponsored paid event, see ad on back of magazine.

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