Glenn Head’s Top Three
There are so many great books offering tools for personal growth and development, but there are three that continue to have profound effects on my life and my success.

Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill

Why: Hill’s work interviewing the world’s richest men to discover their secrets gives us a proven path to success, not only in our networking profession but also in all aspects of life. Crammed full of wisdom and insight, exercises and personal examinations, this book will change your life forever.

Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy
By Marian Head

Why: Marian’s book is a profoundly simple and tremendously powerful guide to the “good life.” Using these Agreements for more than twenty years has led me to the financial, physical and emotional freedom I now enjoy. Divided into areas of Truth, Acceptance and Gratitude, Revolutionary Agreements shows how to decrease unnecessary drama and increase enjoyment of life through agreements with myself, such as “Live My Mission,” “Look for Blessings in Disguise” and “Lighten Up!”

The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life
By Jeff Olson

Why: The Slight Edge exposes our innermost choices to the light of day. Jeff prods us to consider not just our philosophy and attitude but the foundation of our core beliefs. This book enhances our awareness that every decision we make has either a negative or positive effect on where we end up in life. Not only will it make you aware of the effect of your choices, you will immediately begin to make much better choices to build a successful life—unconsciously!

Mitch Axelrod’s Top Three

Networking Magic
By Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin

Why: When the authors interviewed me for this book, I didn’t know what an amazing resource they were putting together. No fluff, no filler, no ivory-tower theory: just dozens of smart, practical and effective approaches that will enhance your what to and improve your how to network. This is a must-have resource to strengthen your network-ability.

A New Earth
By Eckhart Tolle

Why: In this book, as in the author’s best-selling The Power of Now, Tolle’s central theme is to live in the present. Everything exists in the present. There is no past, and there is no future. Your ego wants you to be guilty about the past and worry about the future. If you want to master networking from the inside out, be present, alert and aware of everything and everyone around. Treat every interaction with the reverence of a sacred meeting. Be authentic with people, and the windows of opportunity will swing open wide for you.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything!
By the Center for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation, Cheri Huber

Why: The title of this little-known treasure is among the most valuable pieces of advice, insight and wisdom I’ve ever received. There is no unimportant work. Masters of networking from the inside out bring the same passion, energy and dedication to the small tasks as to the big ones. They treat every person like a million-dollar contact, not because they “might be,” but because it’s the human thing to do. Do your networking like it’s the most important thing—because how you do anything is how you do everything!

Mark Yarnell’s Top Two
Those who seriously believe in networking from the inside out will ultimately arrive at two conclusions. First, basic ethics are a cornerstone principle of prosperity with purpose. Second, the acquisition of wealth through quantum leaps—as opposed to slow, methodical plodding—is not only possible but also realistic in our profession. Here are two books that exemplify these two principles.

Ethics 101
By John C. Maxwell

Why: Stephen Covey calls this small book, “a persuasive, inspiring and greatly needed message.” I agree.

By Dr. Price Pritchett

Why: No one expresses the reality of quantum leaps as effectively as Price Pritchett in this short book. In my opinion, no one has written a more lucid and succinct strategy for those in search of rapid wealth. (Note: This book is available at or by calling 800-992-5922.)

Mitch Axelrod, Glenn Head and Mark Yarnell all serve on the faculty of Networking University.