An Inside Job
Resources aren’t what creates your success. You are.

A dialogue revisiting the issues of retention and “The $300 Solution”

Networking University
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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on the nature of creating reality from the inside out.

A panel of four guest editors ponder the question, “What is the mindset that builds a successful network?”

Prospects Are Everywhere!
Art Jonak
Reporting in from a typical business-and-pleasure trip to the Bahamas, veteran networker and global-trotter Art Jonak says, every prospecting method works —IF you know how to use it!

Ten Laws of Leadership
Richard Bliss Brooke
Use and love your product; own the concept of network marketing; learn to believe that everyone is a prospect; ask easy curiosity questions; ask them to imagine; show them the way; wait for no man or woman; manage your motivation; get your car over the hill; lead like your life depended on it.

Lessons from Network Marketing
Scott Allen and David Teten
The coauthors of The Virtual Handshake point out seven lessons our profession has to offer for business people everywhere.

Give it a Rest!
David Krueger, M.D.
Being passionately committed to your work is one thing; but those who are compelled to the relentless and unremitting pursuit of a constant engagement in their work may suffer from a literal work addiction. The psychiatrist author of Live a New Life Story offers a primer for identifying and remedying work addiction.

It’s All About the Money!
Teresa Romain
To the degree that you are uncomfortable with the very subject of money, you will also be uncomfortable with money itself—which means you will be shutting out the opportunity to enrich not only your own life, but the lives of all those you hope to touch through your business. It really is all about the money! Isn’t it time we got comfortable with this idea?

The Heart of the Matter
In 1991, a visionary named Doc Childre assembled a crack team of scientists, educators and business people to create the Institute of HeartMath, an organization dedicated to ground-breaking research that would help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. From the start, Childre’s long-time friend and associate Howard Martin (HeartMath’s Executive VP of Strategic Development) has been there, helping to guide and shape the mission.

In Pursuit of the “Honeymoon” State
In the seventies, as genetic research was grabbing headlines and research grants, an unknown Wisconsin medical school professor with an interest in quantum mechanics quietly upset the apple cart. A quarter-century later, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, has taken the world by storm. Joseph Chilton Pearce calls it “the definitive summary of the new biology and all that it implies.” And it implies a lot. According to Lipton’s work, genes control neither our cells nor our destinies. Instead, they are themselves controlled by signals from outside the cell—including our thoughts, feelings and emotions. James Allen built a lasting masterpiece of modern entrepreneurial philosophy based on the Old Testament observation, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Bruce Lipton took it to the laboratory and proved it as scientific fact.

Giving Orphans a Family
Emma Peters was always an enthusiastic consumer of her company’s products, but she devoted only lukewarm part-time effort to the business itself. That is, until she began to see that she could take her life mission, which she’d pursued as a school teacher, to a whole new level. Soon she had a goal of building twenty-five orphanages around the world—a number that has since quadrupled.

A New Lease on Life
LeeAnn Werner Jackson persisted in networking for more than a decade before achieving the kind of success she came in hoping for. Still, once she understood the concept of leverage, she knew she could never go back to her linear work life. Her first networking company didn’t work out, and neither did her second…but she persisted—and today she’s glad she did.

Modeling a Family-Centered Business
Dr. Bill and Julie Toth are perfect examples of that fundamental networking principle, timing is everything. As a medical doctor, Bill had been approached numerous times by networking hopefuls—and kicked them out of his office one by one. Julie learned about the business while in college, but didn’t take it seriously. Eventually, though, they both found their way into the business—and then found each other.

Less Stress and More Success
Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D.
The primary obstacles to success are always self-imposed negative beliefs and habits. Jampolsky offers six specific mindset techniques for stopping down negative thinking and replacing it with alternate points of view to empower your life and business.

Getting Out of a Chinese Finger Puzzle
Sue Dyer
Remember that puzzle, where the harder you pull, the more you are stuck? That’s how most people approach negotiation. Dyer offers a seven-point strategy for creating a productive negotiation environment where all parties win.

Climb (or Blow Up) Every Mountain
Winston Scott
A retired astronaut who has logged a total of twenty-four days in space, Scott Winston is an expert in overcoming obstacles and learning how to adapt and triumph in adverse circumstances.

“No” Means “Maybe”
Jack Perry
When push comes to shove, successfully facing down rejection may be the number one skill set that sets one up for success in this business. Veteran sales trainer Perry walks the reader through the three simple but powerful steps that are critical for handling this business constant: don’t take it personally; redefine the rejection; allow every “no” to serve as an encouragement.

Networking with a They Focus
Bob Burg
Famously known as the “Golden Rule,” the “do unto others” dictum has been a key plank in the platform of every major religion and ethical system on the planet. Master networker Burg takes the Golden Rule one step further, to the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would prefer to be done unto!

The Strength of Weak Ties
John David Mann
Where are your most likely prospects, in your cold market or in your warm market? Neither, says Mann—and there’s scientific proof to support his claim. The people with whom you have the most influence are the in-betweeners: people you know… sort of.